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I m looking for a certain episode from CSI Miami?

Asked by Iphone35 (134points) May 10th, 2008 from iPhone

Read lil about on the net on this episode from csi Miami where a 300lbs woman passes out on top of some guy, if anyone recalls or know the title if any of this episode?

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The episode is not CSI Miami -it is CSI:

Season 5, Episode 16: Big Middle
Original Air Date: 24 February 2005

“Grissom, Sara and Greg investigate a death in a hotel where someone is found suffocated in his bed. He was staying in a hotel hosting a convention for overweight people and was quite popular with the ladies.”

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Sorry the link is wrong! Just google “project free tv” and you will find it

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It could not have been CSI Miami- there are no overweight people in Miami.

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