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Nitrogen in car tires...what's the difference?

Asked by Gingerlaurie (361points) October 9th, 2011

I bought a 2010 Hyundai Accent yesterday, and the dealer informed me that the tires are filled with nitrogen as opposed to compressed air. I asked a couple of questions (having never heard of this before), but am still slighty (OK, totally) confused as to why this is done, the benefits, etc. Help me to understand, fellow flutherer’s!

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It doesn’t dissipate as quickly or as much as air so you end up with more consistent pressure. It’s a great thing in super hot climates like where I live and tires expand and contract like crazy. With electronic tire pressure monitors, people get annoyed having the alert lights come on all the time for fluctuations.

It shouldn’t cost you anything to refill and it should prolong the life of your tires.

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From what I’ve read, the advantages of pure nitrogen versus air (which is almost 80% nitrogen) are (1) zero humidity, since water vapor is not good for tires; and (2) decreased loss of pressure, because oxygen diffuses out more easily than nitrogen.

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Ok, so yet another silly question….I live in a remote area, so if I do need to fill the tires, am I still able to do this with compressed air? I’m hoping (and assuming) yes…?

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Yes, you can fill with compressed air. The point is, you shouldn’t need to fill as often.

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@CWOTUS is right, you can still fill with regular air from any pump. Call around your area and ask who has the nitrogen because more and more dealerships and repair shops are offering it.

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Many thanks, everyone. I feel much more informed than I was yesterday! =)

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Air has water vapor. The psi changes with the temperature. Just nitrogen doesn’t change.

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