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When you open cereal do you open the whole top of the bag, or just a corner?

Asked by JLeslie (54496points) October 9th, 2011

Also, what gender are you?

Why do you open it how you do?

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Corner. XY

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Whole top. Dude.

So what’s your hypothesis about why this occurs? :P

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Corner GNC (assigned female sex at birth, lol, hope that helps)

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I usually open the corner. The same way that I would open up any milk or juice carton.♀

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I’m female and I tear the thing apart, from the middle, like a wild animal. What can I say?
That’s the way I do it. I find opening packaging to be extremely frustrating and I give it a few shots, patiently, and then I go medieval on it, whatever it might be.

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I separate the whole top of the wax paper. That way I can refold it to stay fresh, and by having a proper square edge when I pour, it doesn’t make a mess.

I am male, in my fifties

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I open the whole top.

And then I empty the contents into an airtight plastic container.

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I don’t eat cereal often at all so when I open a bag, I want it to stay fresh for a long time. I open one corner then roll it down and seal it with a binder clip.

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Corner. Female.
I open it like that so the cereal doesn’t topple out all at one if I tip it too much. Sometimes there is a cereal back up in the box and then you shake it and it’s like an avalanche of Cinnamon Toast Crunch or Pops.

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Whole Top, usually because I’m in a hurry to eat breakfast and have just up-ended the previous box to find that only 2 bits of cereal topple out whereupon I must quickly open (whilst wondering to myself which one of the kids put a 99% empty cereal box back in the pantry) the new box.

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If it is the sort of cereal you pour, I open the corner only. Female.

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There are lots of ants around so I open the whole top and pour it into a plastic container. We have plastic containers for everything.


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A long time ago I read something that said women usually open the whole top and men the corner, which is actually what is true in my household. They, whoever they are, drew a conclusion that it is because men tend to be more orderly. For whatever reason it popped into my head, so I figured I would survey the collective. So far it seems that conclusion does not hold true for jellies. Many of the women seem to just open the corner.

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@lillycoyote I hate bags that are difficult to open. :)

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I just open the corner. My dad opens the entire top and it pisses me off. Just opening the corner ensures I can fold up the bag again and prevent air getting in. When my dad just tears open the entire bag, all the cereal goes stale.

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That’s interesting @JLeslie, I thought you were going to say just the opposite. I would have guessed the woman would be more concerned with neatness and order as well as preventing staleness, therefore would open only the corner.

You just never know. I wonder how much tax money was spent on that study!

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Top corner. I do it so the cereal stays fresher, longer and to prevent overspill.


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I grab the center of the liner and pull apart until it is all the way open. It’s the only way that works for me so I don’t make a disaster of the whole thing. When I put it away I roll the whole top tightly down. I tried doing the one end at a time method and the liner usually tears down and I make a mess of it. With all the chemicals they put in the stuff I don’t worry about it going bad any time soon. We have cereal for dinner a lot, and lunch, aaaand breakfast, so it isn’t sticking around long enough to go bad.

I’m an outie.

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I cut the corner because some bags will tear all the way through if you try to open just a corner.

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Whole top, male, I like to open it all up because that’s how I open my chip bags. I open my chip bags like that because I like to share and it’s easier for friends to stick their hands in.

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I haven’t bought cereal in years. I remember opening the whole top until either my hands got weaker or they started making the seal stronger then I took sissors and cut the corner off. I don’t know what I would do today. One thing I know is that I would gain weight.

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Corner; male. It helps prevent the cereal from flying everywhere.

My wife opens the whole top if she gets to the box first or if she thinks I haven’t made a wide enough opening at the corner. Then she spills cereal everywhere for me to clean up.

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Wait… If I say corner… Does that make me some sort of CEREAL KILLER?

Heh heh… I know, I know, I thought I’d give it a shot.


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@GabrielsLamb lol
@JLeslie This must be the cause of my gender identity struggle. I used to open it carelessly like a female but then Alex taught me to just cut the corner..hmm

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The corner.
Because there’s no reason to open the whole top.

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The whole entire thing. Cutting off the corner provides an avenue for cereal to fall down between the bag and the box. Besides which, I open cereal bags in the early morning. I’m barely even cognizant at that point, and can only perform the complex task that is cereal preparation because I’ve been doing it (while more awake) for about 20 years.

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I’m not consistent. Sometimes I open the corner, sometimes I open the whole thing, sometimes I tear the damn bag halfway down and spill cereal everywhere.
I’m female.

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@ANef_is_Enuf You’re gay too. I mean gender confused. I mean whatever. :)

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir haha, apparently my inability to choose one specific set of genitals to be attracted to affects my ability to open cereal boxes. Damn.

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Corner, female. I still roll the whole top down, to keep it fresh longer.

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I always eat toast. Fuck cereal.

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@Symbeline Shit, you know what that means, right? You’re one of those…the ones that like to do it with zombies instead.

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As that fortune cookie I once had said, to eat is sex.

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Food and sex? You have my full attention.

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@augustlan Unless you enjoy raw lung, you’re plunging into very regretful territory.

What the fuck was this question about again?

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Raw lungs… yummy.

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I am female and open it from the corner. Why? Because I’ve always done that, its just what I’m used to. speaking of cereal, I’m eating some right now. Yum!

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That would depend greatly on how the inner sleeve is sealed. Some you can pull open a corner and just fold it back over (preferred), others you have to open up the whole thing. I go by what the cereal dictated.

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If I can open just a corner without tearing the bag I’ll do that. Otherwise I cut across the whole thing. My partner just rips the thing open, tears and all, and it bugs me because the cereal then falls into the box instead of the bowl.

And we’re both male, although I, like @Simone_De_Beauvoir, was assigned female at birth.

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Male: Open the whole bag, then pour contents into tupperware container.
What this tells us is…..well, not a great deal really.

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Maybe the study doesn’t have anything to do with gender (ya think?) but just that how someone opens their cereal represent generally how neat or not neat they are? My husband definitely wants everything in its place, and he likes to open just the corner, and I open the whole thing, and I am less rigid.

@rooeytoo I would have to say most of the men I know are neater than the women. When I used to show real estate, the men who lived alone, their apartments were usually very tidy, while many women had a lot of stuff. We always said the men probably have maids to clean though. One guy said to me once men are more likely to have been in the military, and those guys are going to expect things to be organized and neat. Even if it does not come naturally to them, they like things too look that way. He meant if they don’t do it themselves their wives or someone better keep things neat for them.

I certainly know men who are slobs and women who are neatnicks.

Oh, and I don’t think the study meant anything really. As you said, waste of money.

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I’m somewhere in between. My goal is from the center line over to one side, but what actually happens is anyone’s guess. What do they make those bags out of? If the whole top gets opened, I fold both corners in, fold the top over a few times then use a clip to hold it closed. If the bag rips down the side, I say a few choice words and put it all in a plastic zip bag.


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Corner, it gives it a spout shape similar to a measuring cup, making the pour accurate, and keeps it fresh longer by not having an overly large opening to let air seep in. I generally roll or rubber band the corner shut. I am Male.
My brother does the exact opposite. When he opens a bag, you are very well aware of it.
There is usually a tear going diagonally across the bag, where he must be grabbing the very center or something. (I have never watched him open a bag, since I make sure I do it if I am present.) Flakes etc, are also present on the counter if he has opened a new bag recently.

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I’m guilty of opening the whole top and then regretting it a few days later when my cereal has gone stale! I never seem to learn either. I’m a girl.

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I do whatever. I hate the corner thing with bigger cereal pieces (like frosted wheat). I’m inconsistent… just like my handwriting… and my moods. Actually, I think I might open it up about halfway or ¾ more often than not, but I hate having the popular answer so I might be kidding myself.

I enjoy cereal almost every day, so it doesn’t last long. I need the fiber.


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Corner. Bottom.

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@rebbel, You ARE a rebel.

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@Judi I’m trying… ;).

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Either or


Depends on my mood. Am I feeling minimalistic? Energized? Peaceful? Sad? Losses? It all depends.

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Dude, who opens the whole top up so I can pour out as much as I want instantly. (now!)
Then I fold the whole top over a couple times to close it up and put a clip on it.
Same thing with corn chips.

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