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Musicians : How can I play a 3-staff music sheet on a piano?

Asked by silverangel (939points) October 9th, 2011

How can I play a piece in which each line is composed of 3 staff without needing a third hand or something, Or it must be played using 2 persons or two pianos?

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A guitar can accompany it. Or you can be that quick? But also what you said.

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Play one staff and record it, then play it back and play the other two together with it.

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What are the three staves? (bass, treble, etc). If one clef is the alto clef (looks like a fancy B), then that clef actually overlaps the treble and base clef, making a note on the treble clef and a note on the alto clef much closer together than they appear on the page. Even if it is a different clef, depending on what they are, they could overlap.

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Do you mean like when your hands have to pass over one another?

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Sounds like you may have sheet music designed for the organ where your hands are on the keys and your feet are on pedals that look like keys . . .

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If you’re feeling ambitious, rearrange the music to fit two hands. I regularly take fully orchestrated pieces and, by picking out the most important parts or by combining two parts into one hand (when possible), arrange them to be played on just piano. I use the program Print Music to write down my arrangements. Good luck!

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Most music I’ve seen with three staves has been something like a soloist (instrument or voice) with piano accompaniment. The main exception is organ music, which has a staff for each manual (keyboard) plus the bass pedals. If your music is the solo/accompaniment variety, I would use the method suggested by @mariah.

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Usually, the 3rd staff is meant to either be sung or accompanied by another instrument or by another hand on the piano.

Is it laid out treble clef, bass clef, bass clef? Is it possible to provide an image of the sheet music?

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