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If there was a Fluther toolbar for your Internet Explorer / Firefox browser, would you install it?

Asked by PhiNotPi (12677points) October 10th, 2011

If there was a toolbar for Fluther that would go at the top of your browser, would you install it?

Assume that it has the following functionality-
– Links to the main sections of Fluther (general, social, meta)
– Link to your (personal) questions for you page
– Links to your (personal) new activity and messages pages
– Link to your (personal) account page
– Links to the Fluther help, chatroom, and blog pages
– RSS feed of newborn questions

What features would need to be added (or removed) in order for you to want to install it? Assume that you can always uninstall it.

If you want to know why I am asking, one has been in the works for approximately three nonconsecutive man-hours.

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People still use internet explorer?

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@KateTheGreat It is also supported by Firefox, I just edited the question to say that.

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Yes, I would. As long as there are a lot of customization options, like removing/adding features and such. It would be cool if it could automatically notify you when you have new activity and when you receive lurve.

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Nah. I usually keep Fluther (and a few other sites) active in a browser window or tab somewhere anyway. I don’t need no more steenking toolbars…

KateTheGreat's avatar

Ahh, I don’t use firefox either. But hey, good idea.

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No, I don’t install any toolbars. To me they are advertising, not tools.

janbb's avatar

Nope – don’t need it.

erichw1504's avatar

Or, why not a Chrome add on?

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What I’d really like is notification of PMs to show up in the tab (chrome) so I don’t have to refresh the page to check. Sort of the way Facebook and gmail notifications appear. Fluther (3) or something like that.

tom_g's avatar

No way. (Also, no to IE and FF)

Toolbars are a really bad idea. Also, all the functionality you list can be achieved in a modern browser without toolbars, plugins, or extensions.

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Nope. For one, I use Chrome and an iPad on occasion, and for two, toolbars do nothing more than hog resources. For us with dinosaur computers, this is an issue.

However, i’d love to see something on the fluther page that highlights the chat room so people actually show up from time to time.

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Oh well, then. Good thing it only used up some time that I was going to waste anyway. Should I still release it anyway?

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@KateTheGreat Lol XD

And nah. Doesn’t seem like anything I need that I don’t already have when I come on here.

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No! I am so tired of every website and piece of software offering me a toolbar that does nothing that going to the website or opening the program would not do, all while cluttering my prized screen space. As @jaytkay said above, it’s just advertising.

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Hell no. Everything you described can be done with bookmarks.

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Well, for those who want it, you can download the most recent version here. If you don’t want it, just don’t download it. Fluther will NOT be promoting the toolbar, and the toolbar is NOT endorsed by Fluther in any way.

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And here it is in bookmarks.

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No. I hate toolbars.

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No. That’s because I like how my browser is right now. I like to visit every site personally not via toolbars.

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Thanks for doing it, anyway, @PhiNotPi. It’s nice of you to think of things like that!

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Probably not. I’m not big on toolbars taking up space on browsers, and Fluther is not such a big part of my internet use that I would need a toolbar to supplement the site itself.

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I was all set to just say no until I followed the link to the toolbar. I might consider installing it on my laptop I’m going to test it out on my laptop, but I don’t think I want it on my office PC.

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I don’t use any toolbar for anything. I’d much rather keep my screen real estate uncluttered.

I hate toolbars (no matter how beloved the site)

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Nothing against a fluther toolbar, I just don’t install toolbars.

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@johnpowell Whatchya downloadin’, eh? Real Steal? Last night’s episode of How I Met Your Mommy? Or something of the nekked kind?

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I would definitely try the toolbar @PhiNotPi but Chrome isn’t supported. The preview looks nice.

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