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Apple Gaming System?

Asked by Nathanael (289points) May 10th, 2008

I made a bet with my dad Apple would not begin production of a video game system or a consle in the next three years. Was I but a fool to make this bet? I’m really not sure.

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its called nintendo

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I don’t think you’re a fool. I’m just guessing that they probably won’t come out with one…but you never know…how much did you bet?

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iPhone (2.0) will be Apple’s game console!

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Do you know where to download the 2.0 software?

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if u jailbreak ur iphoe the software will b available soon when they also update iTunes with it

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No I want the beta, I know about the update but it’s not going to be in early June so it’s not too soon.

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Why do you want the 2.0 firmware?. It wouldn’t add anything to your phone. The app store isn’t turned on yet and I doubt you would get much out of exchange support right now.

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Well the calculator app is working and I would like a scientific calculator for when I don’t have mine with on a day of school without math or science but for some reason need to.

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Installing the firmware isn’t going to add a scientific calculator. The place where you will get the apps isn’t turned on yet. You will have to wait or Jailbreak your phone. Or you could write your own and pay the $99 so you can put it on your phone.

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And I don’t see them making a console anytime soon. They already tried and it failed.

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What do you mean by jailbreak, like I have mine jailbroken but I dont see how or why that makes me get it?

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and it does have a scientific calculator, you just have to turn the calculator sideways

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Ok.. Then what is the problem? It already has what you wanted.

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No, the one that it has right now doesn’t have a scientific one, but the 2.0 does so that’s one reason why I want it

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OK. Shit. I understand now. Yeah, the new firmware does have a new calculator. By bad. I wasn’t really clear on what you were talking about.

And the 2.0 upgrade is on some torrent sites. I won’t link to them because I can’t vouch for them. I would just wait the two months.

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They ave plans for a hand held some where in he pipe lines. It’ll probably be the net iPod touch, but I’ve heard somewhere that yes, they are planing it.
Let’s bear in mind, the iPod touch and iPhone are already capable of playing GBA games and such, so if you hack them, hen you already have an apple console!

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go to pirate bay, and search iphone 2.0. you should find it there

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