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What are some good makeup/accessory ideas for the following costume? (please see details)

Asked by NostalgicChills (2774points) October 10th, 2011

This is going to be my costume for Halloween:

The only thing is, my favorite part of Halloween is putting my artistic capabilities to good use with creative makeup, and I simply can’t think of a good idea for this costume. Does anyone have any ideas for makeup and/or hair? For the makeup, I’d prefer it to not be overkill, but not simple/basic either.

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You would look beautiful in that dress with a sugar skull face!!! Big hair and a beautiful flower in your hair. Like a messy half down, half up tendrel look

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Black winged eyeliner baby!

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A word of warning, milanoo has reputation for not delivering what they advertise. They lift pictures from other manufacturers and then bootleg the designs. Apparently the quality of their ripoffs very wildly.

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@fundevogel Yeah I figured that out. >.>
I have to say, I’m thoroughly disappointed and extremely pissed.
The dress doesn’t look as good as it does in the photo, and the torso (shown as long in the picture) is actually very short.

Thanks everyone for your suggestions, I appreciate it!

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I’m sorry you didn’t find out about them earlier, but good luck with the costume.

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I think it would look nice with long fake eyelashes! Just your regular style fake eyelashes. Sometimes though you can find some real pretty fake eyelashes that have a color added to them and rhinestones. Then you could have blush and lipstick that would blend with the look. I also would probably look for a simple old-fashioned choaker necklace and maybe earrings to match. Shoes just plain black heels and either fishnet stockings or the fancy black stockings with the design down the back of your leg. Just my thoughts.

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oops. Just read more up top. Sorry the dress didn’t look as good as it did in the pics. I’m sure you’ll find something just as good. Think about some of my suggestions with another dress.

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