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Is the Iphone 3G June update just a pipe dream?

Asked by judochop (16114points) May 10th, 2008

I have heard that it is now going to be November?

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The big question is weather or not Verizon will switch to G3…

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A bunch of stuff about them being out of stock In the US and the UK is floating around. I think it might actually ship soon. They could ship them with the current firmware and have people upgrade to 2.0 at WWDC.

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Here is an article about how they found 3G enabling on the new 2.0 iphone firmware.

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That a hardware issue, so, unfortunately, a software update is a pipedream.

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They could ship with 1.1.5. The 3G stuff is already in place in xCode. xCode can compile for PowerPC and Intel. I don’t see why they can’t do the same with the iPhone.

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If you mean just updating with the firmware, then your sadly mistaken. The iPhone is not 3g compatible, like trying to run a new video game you bought yesterday on a windows 95 operating system.

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No shit. I’m talking about the 3G iPhone shipping with software similar to what the current ones have. They could easily have 3G support without the 2.0 stuff.

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Someone in the tech field told me that they’re sold out everywhere because they’re coming out in the next week or so.

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well, it’s realy all a big guess, the auth’s of the stores are saying the sell out is just temp. and that new ones will be in soon (old model) yet i think it’s kind of suspicious, however, biggest chance is that steve annouces the phone on the WWDC next month, just wait and see kids!

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If you’re thinking about buying an iPhone, I’d definitely wait. WWDC is less than a month away. Even if you don’t want a new, updated model, if one does come out, there might be a price cut for the older model.

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