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Should the U.S. government give you money to watch television?

Asked by richmarshall (1042points) May 10th, 2008

From USA Today:
“Congress last year passed a law that would provide an initial $990 million, and as much as $1.5 billion, to help Americans buy converter boxes that would keep their old, analog televisions working when the digital transition is finished.”

The switch from analog to digital is coming February 2009.

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Good question! I personally feel that they should do what they are doing now and offer a rebate. I think another thing they can do is make it a universal cost across the board so that there is no favoritism for certain companies.

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They’re giving the power of the people to the media in exchange for a small converter box!

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How are most of the political ads pushed out? Like they would destroy that. And 1.5 billion is about a week in Iraq. Whoop-tee-doo. And most people don’t need the boxes. If you have cable you are already fine.

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Well they are the ones that are making the change so i think they should help people adjust to it yes

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how else would they spoon feed their misinformation to the masses? Its not like people can read anymore!

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I wish that the gov’t (whoever that really is) would pay me not to watch TV. Except for PBS, I watch nothing….

@play: plenty of us still read. Here’s a random Fluther sampling.

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