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I'm looking for a good French name for a black and white fluffy feline (female)

Asked by Jude (32098points) October 11th, 2011
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There’s a whole list here.

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I had a friend named Micheline (misch-a-leen) She went by Mich (Mitch).

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I like Minuit (midnight). Pronounced – min-whee.

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Bijou is cute, too.

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I like Bijou.

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I’m not sure it’s french, but I like Madeline. Maddy for short.

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You have lot’s of options.

Celui = This
Chat = cat
Noir = black
Blanc = white


or just something random like Tres Chat!
Precious cat.

Bébé doux
Sweet baby.

Or frou Frou moliere (Sp) .... *That’s nasty, it’s slang.

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Plume for that fluffy tail!

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Mélange has a mellifluous, soft sound to it. Means “mixture” or “combination”, which captures the black-and-whiteness, but the ”-ange” part evokes a nice double-entendre, meaning “angel”.

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Not French, but your cat reminded me of the love object from Pepe le Pew…looked her up, and found out her name is Penelope Pussycat…so, Penelope gets my vote…

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@thorninmud Melange to me has to do with geology or fabric.

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My old kitty that passed away a couple of years ago was named “Gadwicke”, silent “e” on “wick.” I picked his name from an Atlas, Gadwicke is a town in england.

We gave him the “title” of ” Gadwicke, son of Smethwicke of Mt. Aukum” where I lived. lol

I miss my Gad man! :-D

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Fifi (fee-fee), of course.

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Le chat

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Chouchoute (shoo-shoot): it’s a French term of endearment for something that is one’s favorite (and a bit of a pun: “ma chouchoute” can be translated as “my pet”).

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Petit chou (which means little cabbage).

Sinueux (which means sinuous)

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OK, this one’s a bit arcane, but cats positively adore arcanity:


It’s the nickname for the flag of Bretagne, the westernmost French province. It means “white and black” in the local dialect.

It was also the name of a local terrorist group, which is fitting for any cat

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My Blk /wht – tuxedo cat is called Jasmine , (French origin-It is of Old French) JAZ-min, jaz-MEEN.

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Noisette [nwah-ZEHT]

Means “little nut” or “tender morsel”.

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My former cat was named Mewsette. She was an all white Norwegian Forest Cat we found at the pound and quite the little queen. I think it’s a fancy, but sweet name.

Bonus, this movie totally rules.

Double bonus, your pet will have a theme song – hell, and entire soundtrack – for those embarrassing moments when we all sing and dance around with our fluffy friends.

I also thought about naming my black and white female kitten after Robespierre in the film. And the villain has a cute name as well, Meowrice. Gender & sex discrepancies be damned!

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Aww. @asmonet took my answer. Love that movie. Jean Tom? Jean Tom where are you?

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@tinyfaery: My heart for you is one big throb! ;)

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Renard means fox in French. I can’t remember if it had an ‘e’ on the end or not. It was my name in French class.
Just make sure you don’t use the French name for skunk!

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I wanna know!

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