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Does the Mozilla Firefox Annual Report video (see below) resonate with you.

Asked by ETpro (34415points) October 11th, 2011 released it’s Annual Report today. Is this what the 99% crowd occupying Wall Street and hundreds of other cities around the world wants to move towards? Can it be done for things that require far more capital than writing an Internet browser does?

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Well, I am and have been a big Free Software / Open Source booster for over a decade now, therefore, yes, that message is one that resonates with me.

I don’t know the level of overlap between the OWS folks and FLOSS crowd, though I’m certainly sympathetic to both. I can say that the FLOSS ecosystem has worked for things that have taken lots more time and effort than writing a browser (the Linux kernel and the MySQL project come to mind), though I don’t know how that translates to “capital”.

I suspect that there’s a lot more potential for folks to get together and produce things in this way. It’s a proven software development model, and it’s slowly working its way into hardware as well, particularly with the advent of affordable(ish) 3D printers and Thingiverse.

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There is a more fundamental idea here that I think can be generalized: a voluntary acceptance by CEOs of lower salaries, less emphasis on the bottom line when a company is already making plenty of money, and a focus on producing quality products for consumers rather than wealth for shareholders. It’s the old American dream: that success comes from innovation and effort rather than market manipulation and luck.

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