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How can I organize a photo shoot for myself on a small budget?

Asked by BoyWonder (806points) October 11th, 2011

I’m a hip hop recording artist in need of some high-res pictures of myself over a white background. I’m broke as hell so my question is: What elements do I need to do a photo shoot of myself? Ultimately, what I need are some photos of myself with the white background so I can photoshop the background out and superimpose myself over another background. I’m curious as to what kind of lighting I should go for, or if I even need it. I’m basically trying to cut corners here. My photographer is willing to shoot me for free in hopes of building a strong portfolio for himself. I just need to know how to make the finished product as professional-looking as possible. Help please!!

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It shouldn’t be too hard, just get creative. White background, could be something as simple as a sheet or if you’re willing to spend (or get lucky in finding a free/cheap one), something stiffer and more opaque like a canvas drop cloth. Lots of great, relatively free places to shoot photos that would result in interesting backgrounds and different moods. Any places of historical interest, for example, or a park?

As for lighting, you can go quite cheap and use fluorescents, compacts, even, in clip-on lights. Just have your photog adjust the white balance accordingly.

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I’d actually go with a different colour for the background if you’re just going to crop it out later. It’ll be easier to get a clean selected area with the Magic Wand in Photoshop.

Lighting would depend on what you’re superimposing yourself into.

Just a thought, but are you really good at Photoshop? If not, it can look pretty cheesy. What about doing a simple shot against the backdrop of some cool graffiti?

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Both of these answers are pretty good. I do think you will need lighting one way or another because (I’m assuming) you’ll want a more dramatic effect rather than relying on the sun.

You can get a simple compact flash and bounce it off mirrors, reflective material, etc. to get some nice results without buying two flashes. If you take a photo on a white background, don’t wear white. If you take a photo on a black background, don’t wear black. You’ll spend more money buying more hair after you rip yours out.

Good luck!

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Listen, go to walmart, instead of bring your babies tell them you want pictures of yourself, get the digital package with raw pics on it and start using your Photoshop or look for a friend that work you out. Bunch of models did that and it is very impressive

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