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What qualities do/did you look for in a partner?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (33962points) October 11th, 2011

If you’re single or dating, what attracts you to a particular person?

If you’re with a partner, what attracted you to that person? What keeps your relationship growing and alive?

What qualities do/did you look for in a mate?

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Probably the same things that most people look for. Honesty, loyalty, someone who shares the same view of the future. A person that makes me laugh. Someone that I can communicate with, effectively. Someone that I can be friends with.

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Pride. Pluckishness. Someone trying to do the right thing.

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I just want a woman that is perfect mentally and physically. Is that too much to ask!

Now, I just want to meet someone with more mental qualities than physical.

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Eyebrows are pretty important to me. I find a lack of them disconcerting.

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Intelligence, quirkiness, and humor.

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Kindness, intelligence, loyalty, honesty.

Juicy titties.

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All the corny stuff, I guess. If they don’t mind me kickin their ass on Street Fighter, that’s always a plus.
But yeah, you know, someone I can share myself with, and who wants to share themselves with me on an emotional/interests/let’s go mug someone standpoint.

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Humor, intelligence, a sense of adventure, compassion, imagination and a healthy libido.

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@Symbeline has the best date ideas.

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Someone who walks their talk, values friendship over acquaintance, believes in fidelity, working hard & smart and is socially versatile.

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Well groomed feathers, spiffy orange face, big flappy feet, doesn’t mind having bread, water and lettuce for dinner every night.
No laundry and lives outdoors in a fenced area.

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First, someone that makes me laugh. Someone that is kind and respectful to me and others. If someone treats their parents and family well, I think they will treat me well. Someone that has my values or shares most of my values. Someone that takes care of themself and doesn’t abuse their body by overeating, smoking, drinking too much.

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A big ass dick and a hurricane tongue O.o

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I want somebody with a great capacity for thinking and intelligence, with a bunch of adorable quirks. Somebody easygoing and independent, I’d like her to be sort of distant, but still capable of being affectionate and intimate. Someone who appreciates the things that go without saying and the simple beauties of life.

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@ddude You mean the female version of him? LOL (I LOVE ♥ this video)

If I were looking, for a change… I would just like to have ONCE, one time found someone who actually did love me. That would have been nice and all things considered, I don’t believe it was ever too much to ask.

*But I’m not looking so… Because I don’t believe that person exists.


I was (and am) attracted to my wife because—-

Of her feminine warmth. It’s a quality that’s hard to put into words——not all women have it. Some women are beautiful, but they lack a heart and a gentle warmth that exudes from every aspect of her. My wife is very beautiful, but what makes her even more appealing is her gentle warmth and energy.

The way she reacts to my faults and negative situations. She doesn’t over-react and get all worked up over trivial problems, but is able to overlook them for the good of maintaining peace and a stable relationship. She’s never bitter, and she never holds on to grudges.

She loves children. I wanted a woman who loved children, because I think that’s the best thing a man can do for his children, is to pick a woman who sincerely loves children.

Her sense of humor.

And of course, I am drawn to her physical attributes (nice sweet face, great legs, soft skin, and what @FutureMemory said about the t’s——lol).

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@MRSHINYSHOES You Rock & Roll Mr.Shiney… They don’t make um like you anymore and your wife is a lucky lady as well as I am sure you too are a very lucky man!

*I think that’s awesome!

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She simply must have impeccable taste in men, which is convenient ;¬}

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Honesty, integrity, intelligence, sense of humour, playfulness, generosity of spirit. These (and other things) were important to me and they are still the things that keep me in awe of my husband. He is such fun to be around but I know he always has my back and I can trust him totally.

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Confidence, intelligence, humor, loyalty, manliness (I know it sounds stupid, but I like men to be.. well, men..), ambition, determination, stubbornness :)

Basically, I need someone that will push back – not be pushed over.

What makes the relationship work – is patience. He has to have a ton of it, and understanding. I can be a huge pain, especially when I’m stressed… which seems to be almost constantly the past few years. So, he has to be able to take things I say very lightly.

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A love of animals
Intelligence without being a know-it-all

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I have to have someone who’s the exact opposite of me. I’m pretty shy and quiet so I’d need someone who is outgoing, has no problem talking to strangers or people, and a bit wild, not too wild but enough so that they can compensate for me in social situations.

They also have to be nice, loyal, generous and honest.

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