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Is cosmetic surgery a valid option to put an end to being teased, and or bullied?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) October 12th, 2011

Inspired by a segment on Nightline about an 8th grader who went under the knife to get a nose job to stop being picked on at school, certain points were raised. If one has a nose considered larger than the average student body, or a chest that bloomed late or hardly at all, and it is a source for teasing, harassment, or bullying and you change it, it is caving to the masses more than building character to withstand insults or those who don’t approve of you. Not changing something if you can afford it will eventually lead to a broken spirit because your character can only take so many hits, for so long. Do you think cosmetic surgery is a valid option to combat the bullying or at least take away its thunder, or if you didn’t change the issue causing the teasing, and bullying the person will be beat down emotionally daily for no reason?

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It’s a desperate act typical of a shallow, quick fix, easy way out culture currently thriving in pockets of our society.
Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

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Not in my book.

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Some of the most beautiful people (inside and out) I know now as adults were severely teased as children. It is safe to say most of us have been teased or bullied at some point. I think it is extreme to turn to plastic surgery at such a critical time in development. Decisions to permanently alter your appearance should be made as an adult.

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I have always told my children this from birth.

“If anyone picks on you, and it hurts you, it is your own fault because there is something wrong inside of your perception of self that has allowed it to hurt you because you believe it to be the truth and agreed with them. If you do not agree with them, they cannot hurt you.”

I prefer raising strong self sufficient children who are proud of their heritage and biology not so easily moved by the opinions and accusations of the world. There are too many, it is a lesson in imposed insanity to even attempt to assign oneself to anything anyone else feels or thinks about you.

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Not so much. What would be valid is sneaking a plastic surgeon into the bully’s house and enlarging the nose of those who make fun of big noses. Lol.

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It depends on what the issue is. If it is something that will not be remarked upon in adulthood or that will change (proportional chest size), then no, plastic surgery is not the answer.

But if it is something that you can change, and it will make your teen years more pleasant, then why not?

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Some cosmetic surgery on the bullies might be an option.

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It depends on the issue and the child’s reaction to it. If the problem will not improve on its own, and the child shows markedly diminished self-esteem over it, then plastic surgery may be a valid option. It shouldn’t be done to stop the bullying per se, but to help the child feel better about him/herself. If it will improve the child’s self-confidence, then why not?

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