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Are there pros to working second shift?

Asked by jsc3791 (1983points) October 12th, 2011

I am currently working 3rd shift (midnight – 8:30 a.m.) at my job. My boss approached me about possibly moving to 2nd shift (2:30 p.m. – 11 p.m. or 3:30 – midnight). I told her I was flexible and could do whatever was needed of me. I wanted to be a team player.

After thinking about it, it seems like 2nd shift would take up most of the day. At least with 3rd I am available during daylight hours every day to see my family or do errands, etc. (Although I usually just sleep.)

I am single with no children (except two dogs and a cat).

Have any of you ever done shift work? What would you say are the pros and cons?

This is my 1st time so I need your input.

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Will you be working both shifts?
Personally, I always prefer a morning or midnight shift.. it just seems to eat up less of your day. I don’t know of any benefits to an afternoon shift, unless you’re a morning person and love to get stuff done early in the day. Which I am not, so, that’s never really been a “perk” for me. One nice thing about afternoons is that if you get off of work and your friends are doing something late, you can join them.

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I’d stick to third shift or go for first one. Indeed second one takes all your day and it’ a nuisance. I don’t think there’s a pro for working second shift. You get home at around 1–2 AM then you sleep. You get up at 8–10 then you have to do some house chores and get ready for work again.

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Second/evening shifts suck. I know from experience because it wastes your whole day. Second shifts start just as your day is gaining traction so you lose out on your entire day. You will end up sleeping till right before the shift and come home at the end of the day and do NOTHING! Don’t does it.

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I have worked both the shift you are on, and the one you are offered.
The advantage of the 2:30 to 11 shift is that you still get the wage differential (assuming you do), and on your days off you are able to stay up quite late with your friends, without any effort.
You will also have a passing aquaintance with the Sun.

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I don’t mind doing “shift work” But the problem I do have with it is the fact that these types of establishments often take advantage of the employee.

It is quite difficult to change up your entire life at someone else’s beckon call.

I have worked different shifts and the transfer between night and day can be hard on the body and the brain as well.

So on that note, be careful how you use those words “Flexible” around your boss. I don’t know how good or bad yours is, but when push comes to shove, they will not usually see you as a human being but a body used to fill their needs.

I agree with Flimfann

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I have on addition to the above benefits, you never have to worry about rush hour traffic. Your commute will be a breeze.

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You guys are awesome. Thanks for all the helpful input. I really do appreciate it.

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Working second shift is a good way to kill any chance of a relationship.

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@marinelife It can also make the relationship more interesting. You have the weekends. During the week, both partners have the time to prepare something special for the other person. And few experiences are as sweet as being woken up by the sound of your lover coming to bed after an after-work shower.

No matter what the shift, you can be certain it is only temporary.

Finally, an employed, financially solvent partner is always attractive.

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I tend to be a night person so second shift would be appealing to me. 3rd shift is usually very very disruptive for people’s circadian rythm. More health problems are observed in third shift workers. With second shift you are still on the same basic sleep pattern of most of the country and probably most of your friends. People who work 9–5 usually stay up until 10:00 or 11:00 at night anyway.

Second shift you can still get things done in the morning. I think 2:30–11:00 is more appealing than 3:30-midnight.

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Second shift’s awesome if you have kids and want to save money on daycare by having one parent work one shift, and another working a different shift—that’s a pro.

Seeing that you don’t have kids… how is your social life? I used to work second shift and never had a social life (I worked Wednesday through Sunday, had Monday and Tuesday off)—I felt like I never saw anyone I knew because everyone worked first, and I worked while they were having fun. It was terrible—but what was great was the fact I never missed work for appointments because I could have appointments in the morning. I never had to rush to catch the bank or post office before it closed and like @worriedguy says, the commute’s a breeze.

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I got the word today that I’ll be moving to second shift at the end of the month. Looks like I get to choose between 3:30 – midnight or 2:30 – 11:00.

@worriedguy Like you say, being employed is a great quality to have!

So hopefully I can roll with this and see how it goes.

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