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Have you experienced a tornado firsthand?

Asked by ecogal (84points) May 10th, 2008
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3 times never had fun in any of them.

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No. And I know most that have and read this will think I’m insane, but I would actually like to see one. I have experienced a good few hurricanes (or what you want to call them) both on land and sea and as scary as it can be, it is also thrilling and fascinating.

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No- but I have experienced earthquakes.

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Sort of. It wasn’t close enough to us to hurt us, be we watched move across the east side of the town.

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@our wild Irish rose, in the states you can chase tornadoes on holiday with professional tornado trackers.

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That would rock!! long as I get to stay a safe distance, but get some cool photos. Thanks :)

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yes. What do you want to know about them?

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@ Council – Really I was just curious about other people’s perceptions/experience, especially after the big tornadoes yesterday that affected so many and took so many lives. Having grown up in the Midwest, I wasn’t sure how many people have experienced them with the same frequency I have. In the summer months, it seems like there are “tornado watch” alerts every week.

I was in a tornado just about exactly two years ago in Iowa City, IA. It was a third of a mile wide and went diagonally through the middle of town. Lots of buildings and trees just pulverized. A beautiful church across the street from my uncle’s house was gone, while his building was untouched. Lots of college students who rent downtown (near the University of Iowa) lost everything. While energy of storms definitely brings an amazing rush of excitement/fear, the destruction afterwards can be truly heartbreaking.

Last summer I spent 10 weeks helping a town in Kansas that was 95% destroyed by a tornado (practically wiped off the map) plan for future redevelopment. 1400 people lost everything – homes, all of their belongings, cars, jobs, family, neighbors – like others hit by natural disasters, they have to rebuild their entire lives from scratch.

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I was close to 3 years old…Just remember the other side of the street and the missing tree.

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yes i was in a grocery store when one hit and things were falling all over the place. the glass windows and doors were busting.

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it would seem that you already have a handle on the expierence. Not much I can add. It is like most natural disasters only with more warning but not much. Its devastating and random and heartbreaking but also a good reminder not to waste time. Life is full of suprises. Don’t put off something because you don’t know what tomorow holds.

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