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Do you think the President should ignore political party when hiring/appointing someone for a position in the administration?

Asked by JLeslie (54555points) October 12th, 2011

I was thinking about this with the appointment of Jeffrey Immelt. My gut feeling is I think party should be ignored. First of all, hopefully we don’t just follow every little thing our party represents or stands behind. All I would really care about when hiring someone for a job is their qualifications for that particular job, why should government jobs be any different?

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Ideally, yes. But it’s such a power struggle with blue and red these days that I doubt it’s a realistic expectation.

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Well, I think that ideology plays a role in just about every government job. You have to believe in the priorities and policies of the administration. If someone from another party can do that honestly, then sure. No problem. Hire them. But I seriously doubt someone with a different political ideology could get behind a set of policies they don’t believe in.

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Capability, compatibility, work ethic; I weight them all pretty equally and if you can meet those to the desired degree your hired. Then again politics measures them differently because of the conflicting ideologies, the changing needs to improve your own position, and the ever-changing environment. There perception and style are frequently rewarded over function and strengthening your own position doesn’t always equate to “getting the job done”. I fear all too often the question isn’t should I appoint/hire this person because they are the best it’s should I do so because it will better my chances of reelection or protect my position.

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It is a nice idea, but impractical.

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Doesn’t really matter, they all have that same basic goal of fucking us over…

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Some of our best presidents have made appointments across party lines. The best person for the job is not always to be found in one’s own party. As long as the appointee abides by the rules, to support the president’s agenda, it is a good idea. Even George Washington appointed political opponents [e.g. James Monroe]. Bill Clinton [D] appointed Alan Greenspan [R].. Barack Obama appointed the following Republicans:Gates {Sec’y of Defense], Bernanke [Federal Reserve], Petraeus [CIA]. Bush [43] appointed Paulison [D] head of FEMA. for a complete list see wikipedia

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Why did the appointment of Jeffrey Immelt make you wonder about political party appointments? Not being argumentative, @JLeslie. I must be missing something.

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@bkcunningham He is a Republican, and describes his parents as being far right wing, watching Fox news all day. Not that it really matters what his parents do or what political party they are in, but it’s amusing. Immelt said when he told his mother Obama asked him to serve, his mother replied, “you told him no right?”

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