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Care to recommend a good Zydeco band?

Asked by Jude (32098points) October 12th, 2011

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I can’t come up with his name, but there’s an accordian player that leads a band. They call him the King of Zydeco. I’ve seen them twice and they are fantastic.

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C J Chenier is his name. Check him out.

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The band that I recommend I only recommend because I know that this guy who was a neighbor from thirty years ago plays in a band that supposedly makes music with zydeco influences I’ve heard from my brother.
My knowledge on zydeco is zilch, so it could be completely not that at all, but here goes anyway….
La Blusa.

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Boo zoo Chavis. This is Dog Hill.

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In case you don’t know Buckwheat Zydeco

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Tom Rigney
Honky Tonk, Blues, Rock and Zydeco.

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I was going with BeauSoleil too.

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Zydeco Boneshakers are good too

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Blue Orleans – check out, “Who Stole My Monkey?” on YouTube…

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