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Is it possible to move the command prompt into the background in Windows 7?

Asked by ETpro (34550points) October 12th, 2011

I want to run chkdsk d: /f from my c: drive. With the c: drive running Windows 7 Ultimate, how do I move the command prompt window into the background after aI start chkdsk d: running so I can continue to use the c: drive while d: is being scanned and repaired?

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You shouldn’t run it in the background, or do anything else while it is running, even if it is another drive.

Google for a vbs script to run a batch file invisibly, and just make a .bat with the command in it and set the vbs script to run the file, that might work.

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@XOIIO Thanks for the G2. I’ve mitigated the urgency to recover the d: drive by going into My Google Apps Premier control panel and switching Gmail so I can read my mail there along with my gmail mail. I set it to allow multiple accounts in a single cpanel signon.

This is the first step in going into the cloud for all my critical apps. That’s where I am aheading. :-)

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