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How often do you delete your questions for you?

Asked by Jude (32134points) October 12th, 2011

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Every time I log on.

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But for a reason the amount never exceeds the 350-ish….

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Constantly. I need my QFY, MFY, and AFY to be at 0 at all times.

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What ^ said.

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I’m deleting them without answering. All in one big sweep.

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About once every 2 weeks. I only see the “Messages for You” . I like it when those characters are in bold font.
I’m so easily amused.

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Randomly. Sometimes I delete them as soon as one pops up, but now there’s over 350.

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I delete them constantly. It feels untidy if I don’t.

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Perhaps, I am bored with Fluther and I need a break.

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I go through them one by one on the list page, and delete most of them.

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Never. I don’t even notice them.

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@johnpowell Whoa, how’d you do that?!

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It is a greasemonkey script. It is here.

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Always, I have all three (questions, messages, and answers) cleared out at all times. It really bothers me if they aren’t.

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When I’ve answered all the questions I wanted to and still have some time left before the next thing on my to-do list. It’s hard, because sometimes I think of a perfect answer after I’ve deleted the question and I’m too lazy to go searching for it.

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When I log on, I review the Q’s for Me and delete most that are not particularly interesting (always marveling at how Fluther thinks I might appreciate some of the questions—NOT!). Then I work my way through those that hold some interest, often deleting after reading the question and description. My list pretty much stays at zero between Fluthering sessions, but if there is a question I know I want to return to easily (particularly those including fudge recipes), I let them linger so I can find them easily!

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I usually read them all, even if they don’t pique my interest enough to participate.

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Usually once I get to around 150 Q’s I’ll delete

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When ever I log in, or, at least I try to.

Some questions as ones that I want to think about and answer later so they stay around.

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I usually delete all questions for you as soon as I log in, then I like to peruse General, Social, and Meta to see whats going on. I often log in to late to join most discussions so I just read the answers an move on.

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Never. But I never look at them, either. I got 922 at the mo, just havin a party.

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I don’t delete them in their entirety but I filter them instead. Some I answer right away and some of them, left over after the deleting the ones I don’t want to answer, I come back to at a later time. I do this each time I get online and visit Fluther.

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I never do and let Fluther do it for me.

They didn’t used to do that but quite a while ago when they changed a whole bunch of things, one of the changes I noticed is that it never gets over 1,000 so obviously there’s an auto delete built in.

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I erase them all the time. It doesn’t bother me to do so. I don’t even look at the list.

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Firs thing when I open Fluther.

@johnpowell Disable that script and tell us how many you have XD

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I delete the ones that don’t interest me everyday.

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@johnpowell I guess we’ve found out the max that you can get XD

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Pretty often. I used to do it daily, because I like everything to be at zero when I log off. Now I generally see every question on the site anyway, and I’m usually too busy to worry about the QFY field. I still feel like MFY and AFY need to be at zero when I’m done.

Right now I have 160 QFY, but I’m going to go empty it now that it’s on my mind.

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I do a massive delete all about every 3 weeks I think? Not sure exactly how much time passes.

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Never. If it wasn’t for the big purge of 09 I’d have billions on there by now.

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I usually get about 20 reccommends a day, of which I will typically answer about 5 and remove the rest. Then I scroll through the Social section and answer a few more that weren’t reccommended. I never log off without first clearing activity & reccommended questions.

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