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Windows 7 users, were there a pack of 13 updates Oct 12, 2011?

Asked by ETpro (34550points) October 13th, 2011

Last night when I tried to shut down Windows 7, I got the typical looking notice to not power off till Microsoft updates were installed. The only unusual thing was it said 13 updates—which is quite a large lump for one sitting.

This morning, it was still churning on #2 of the 13, obviously lost in a loop. I did a buss interrupt and told it to boot normally, and it did. But I am wondering if Microsoft really sent out 13 updates yesterday, or is it time for me to run a complete virus scan. Other Windows 7 users, did you get a large pack of updates yesterday?

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It seems so, I don’t fully update pirated copies but there are more than usual. It looks to be all security updates.

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@XOIIO Thanks. Windows apparently detected the failure, auto shut down and successfully ran the rest of the pack this time.

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Here is what I got. That is a pretty clean install of Windows. It doesn’t have Office on it.

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Microsoft updates are posted when available but publish a block of them usually midweek.
Here is the one specifically about this weeks updates
I never let mine auto update, and review everything before updated so I know what may get broken, but thats just me.

Here are links to MS Security Bulletins and US-CERT that can help you understand what is going on in the world of vulnerabilities.
The CERT site is the best place to start as it covers all OS, applications, appliances, etc.

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I had 8. The exact number will depend on what software and hardware you have installed as Office and windows live (or whatever the hell they’re calling it today) updates come at the same time and drivers are sometimes updated as well.

As a general rule MS publishes all its patches to Windows update on the second tuesday of the month (patch tuesday). Patches for security exploits that pose a major threat are ocasionally published as soon as available but this rare.

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I had 7 updates. I also have almost all Windows features disabled and Internet Explorer removed, so I guess I missed out on some related to those.

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Thanks, @tlm & @Lightlyseared . Sounds like all was legit. Particular thanks to @blueiiznh for the links. Very useful help. I think I’ll adopt your strategy. I just feel better about things when I know what’s going on and am in control of it.

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@ETpro my pleasure.

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I am still using XP and got the updates too.

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@worriedguy Thanks for the warning. I discovered that my XP drive was actually inaccessible due to a problem with the IDE cable. Pressing it and sliding it on the connector brought the drive back into view in My Computer. So if I boot into XP again, I will not be terrified by a slug of updates for it.

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