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What is the best way to sell vintage Barbie dolls?

Asked by hurleygrlblink (182points) October 13th, 2011

I have a box full of special edition/holiday Barbie dolls, all out of boxes, but never been played with/mint condition. They range anywhere from1980–2000, and most have their stands. I was wondering if anyone knows websites to get accurate value listings, or has had any luck selling them, or knows where to get the best bang for you buck. Thanks!

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If they are all out of the boxes their value is probably much lower. You get a fraction of the price when you throw away the box.

If one is worth say $50.00 to $100.00 as a limited edition, even “vintage.” Which the 80’s are not actually considered vintage by trade description. THey would be worth only $10 – $30 max out of the box.

Collectors only want collectibles, not used toys, because they now have to find the box too. The boxes are a huge display factor to the doll itself.

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Ebay. I have an Ebay store. I specialize in buying and selling dolls and other collectibles

I must say that if they are out of their boxes, you may wish to sell them in “Lots” on Ebay.

In the boxes, many limited edition Barbies sell for $10—$15. I buy them as gifts all the time ;)

Unless these are serious collectors editions, you’ll be looking at about $6 to $8 per doll. In some cases, you may be better off selling the dolls naked and selling the entire outfits each seperately. While that may sound silly/odd, it’s how doll collectors tend to buy/sell their dolls.

The naked dolls are used to make OOAKs (One Of A Kinds) and the outfits can be used in part or whole on the OOAKs that they make.

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