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Ever typed in your first and last name into Google images? Did you like what came up?

Asked by Jude (32098points) October 13th, 2011

I did, and oh, man, the first photo is of my girlfriend and I kissing.

You have to wonder what people will see when they go looking for you (future job).

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I googled my name once in images and a freaking picture of me popped up! Good thing it was a nice picture :D

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My own name brings up the woman by the same name who is a successful fashion designer in NYC who is living in an alternate universe where my life is obviously the shit side.


My nickname… Brings up all sorts of stupid stuff. Including my pictures.

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How about a bunch of guys, a dirty dairy cow, and Pamela Anderson showing lots of boob. I’m not sure what to make of that.

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@Adirondackwannabe Now I’m really curious as to what your name is.

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@Blackberry Pamela asked me not to disclose how we’re connected.

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Lots of people I don’t know, some book covers and pictures of mountains.

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I tried this for both my pre and after marriage names and mama mia, what a surprise how many there are——- and that is just on Facebook! And I don’t have a commonly spelled first name. It is also shocking to see that everything we’ve posted is right there in Google searches. Probably lasts longer than Linda Lovelace’s later regretted book.

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I’m such a loser I did not show up at all. Whew!

(Or at least not in the first 5 pages)

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Your search did not match any documents

Pretty happy with that lol.

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I’m quite interested to see some pics on there from my (very old) myspace account… The odd one of me, a book cover (but then, I did write it so that’s good) and quite a few of a church that has my first name in a village that is my second name…

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Yes, there are a few pictures of me from various websites. Freaky!

@Jude What is your first and last name?

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Nothing. You can’t find any picture of me using my first and last name. If you add a specific word, you can get one picture. It could be the only picture of me on the net, but it isn’t, because there’s one on Facebook, so go figure.

I don’t know how I feel about this. Part of me wants to be anonymous and part of me wishes I had ever done something notable enough that they could find a picture of me, or any mention of me at all on the internet.

If you can’t find a picture of yourself on the internet, does that mean you haven’t done anything of note? Be honest now. None of this feel-good crap about publicity not being a good measure of everything. Let’s just assume that these days everything gets on the internet. Then what do you think when you can’t find yourself online? If anyone wants to ask that question, go ahead. I don’t have any more questions today.

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Never did until this q. Nothing much comes up. Nothing connected to me comes up. But it’s a new name, my name. When I type in my old name…some of my accomplishments in pancreatic cancer research come up and some of my pics do, as well.

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Not until about 10 seconds ago. It seems to have been some folks who share my name.

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Frantically doing it as I type

I just looked and there are not actual photos of me, but there are quite a few landscape photos that I took : )

My last name is quite uncommon.

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Nothing. At least not me.

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Only awesome pictures came up.

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A bunch of thumbnails pics of and fluther people pop up, but I’m not in there.

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I share my name with a well-known British department store, so the majority of the images were products from there. Beddings and furnishings and such-like.

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One of my second cousins and I have the same name. I type in my name and lots of pictures of her come up which is both amusing and misleading…

@downtide: Your name isn’t Mark Spencer, is it?

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I plugged my name into google image search and a bunch of random bullshit that has nothing to do with me came up.

BUT, oddly enough, one of the pictures that comes up is a picture of @Jude. And one of the other pictures is the cover to my book I wrote. No pictures of me, though.

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It’s pretty awful, but that’s the burden of being named Rick Santorum.

Actually, I discovered my name, email address, and phone are up on a page advertising an apartment I agreed to show for my neighbor while he was away. A year ago. Gotta get that page taken down. Thanks for the reminder.

Also a picture of Richard Petty and George W Bush.

?? My name is not Richard or Petty or George or W or Bush.

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Lots of pictures from my academic life, which is fine… one or two personal pictures from Facebook, but none with me in them. Likely my friends do not have their own security settings high enough.

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I have the same name as a writer, so her picture pops up. Ha.

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Juts a few small thumbnail pictures from a few websites, several having to do with college. That’s about it.

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My Father-In-Law published a lot of public photos of our family, so there are about a dozen in my real name, plus I was featured in photos several times by Yahoo!Answers, and most of those photos show up.

There are also several photos of me as YARNLADY as well, but there is a commercial store named Yarnlady, so most of the photos are the store.

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Not me but many pictures of women who are not me. Lots of them are very pretty, so that’s all good. Some of the photos are of a psychotic character from a film. The character shared my name. Plus a couple who are topless (definitely not me) and a gravestone. Some really old black and white family pictures.

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I got a porn star (not me)

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@KatawaGrey no, but half of my RL name is Lewis

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No pictures! Not having a Facebook helps a lot. I don’t want to be stalked by exes, etc.

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The Penguin shows up!

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I have googled myself, but not in images until you asked. I got 2 Facebook thumbnails, a theater advertisement from a play I was in, and 2 books I was published in. I also got 3 photos of random women who share my first name who put thumbnails on their Linked-In pages, and because they’re on the same list I am, they show up. Weird.

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Wow, this is on the internet!
I’m sort of standing in the middle. This must have been taken a long time ago.

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