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What is the best way to sell vintage hockey cards?

Asked by smilingheart1 (6431points) October 13th, 2011

I have inherited some Topps 1950’s hockey cards (about 80) repetitions etc. but there is at least one rookie card.

Have heard about Becker’s book to obtain prices but not sure if I should go to a local dealer here in this Canadian city. If I am offered a lot price, what should the criteria be for obtaining a good market value?

If you suggest that internet is the best way to sell, I would need some information on how to do this securely.

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If I were doing it I would make a list of the players you have cards for and the years of the cards and than go to a dealer selling cards and check out the prices they’re asking for the same card. That would give a ballpark idea of the market value of your cards. Dealer will not offer market value but it gives you a starting place.

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Go to two reputable sports card dealers in your area.

the book you are referring to is called Beckett’s is a price guide…the guide helps determine a price range, but that is not the buying price from a reputable card dealer. Bring the cards with you. Dealers cannot determine worth without seeing the actual cards.

Hockey, though more popular in areas, is not in large demand in the sports card arena. There are certain players that attract higher prices, but overall, the cards do not go for a lot.

Are the cards in plastic sleeves? Are the corners tight? Or bent/soft? Condition is everything. If they are in great condition, you may get some money. You can expect to get about half of the going rate.

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The hardest part of selling any vintage item is finding a buyer. Dealers will offer a wholesale price, and they need to get a profit from selling them. An individual person is unlikely to find a collector who will pay full price.

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