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How does auto insurance work?

Asked by eadinad (1278points) May 11th, 2008

I want to (finally) get my driver’s license. I do not own a car. I know that having some sort of insurance is usually mandatory, but I’m not sure what kind I need, if any, since I don’t own a vehicle. Most of the time I would be driving my boyfriend’s car (he does have insurance on it) and occasionally my parents’ cars (they have insurance too.) Do I need to be added to someone’s account or something? Or is it okay as long as all the cars I drive have insurance? I’d really like to avoid being added to an account if at all possible, because I don’t want to make someone’s payments go up.

I currently live in Missouri and North Carolina and could get my license in either state.


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Since you don’t own a car you can’t buy car insurance since there is nothing to insure. Typically you can drive another person’s car on an occasional basis if they have given you permission and their insurance will cover you. If you become a regular driver or the primary driver of another person’s car then they should add you to their insurance policy which may increase their premiums depending on your age and driving record.

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Also if you live with the insured and have a drivers license you are usually required to be added to their policy unless they specifically disallow you from driving their vehicle in which case if you drove their vehicle you would not be covered by their policy.

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You might be able to purchase what’s called a “nonowner auto policy”. Each state is different so I would check with a local agency. This would provide you coverage in the event that you are driving someone elses car and you have an accident.

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