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Is it tacky to email a birthday party invitation?

Asked by Supacase (14543points) October 13th, 2011

It is a 6th birthday party and it has crept up on me so fast. I want to mail invitations, but they wouldn’t go out until tomorrow and wouldn’t be received until the next day (Saturday). The party is one week from that day and I’ve requested RSVP by Wednesday.

I know I am already breaking rules of etiquette by sending them so late, but I don’t want to make it even worse.

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No it’s not tacky at all. Mom’s do this all the time.

Email them ASAP so that parents can fit the drop off/pick up into their schedules.

If it were me, I’d sent it with an urgent alert so it wouldn’t accidentally be missed or sorted into the junk mail folder.

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Why? Did someone tell you it was rude, if they did, seriously? I wasn’t sure etiquette even existed anymore as a social expectation to even worry about it.

It’s fine…

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I second what @SpatzieLover said. Even when plenty of advance notice is given, email invitations are very common for kids’ birthday parties. It seems like most people use Evite . There are a lot of styles to choose from. You plug in the information and the invite is sent to everyone at once. They RSVP through the website so you have an automatic record of who is coming. I think it’s a bit nicer than a plain email and perfectly acceptable.

You might just want to follow up the invites in a couple of days with a phone call.

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I agree with a follow up phone call or email or…some parents also hand out a paper reminder with the party time/locale a day or two before the party.

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Are you crazy? Of course not. Everyone does it these days. Usually the day before the event, too. I kid you not.

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Emailing invites is now A-Okay.

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Nope not at all, its done all the time for all sorts of parties including a birthday party.

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It mostly depends how often they check their email address. For instance I have several email clients that I use. Only one of them I use daily. Most of the people end me messages here but not all of them know it.

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