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When was the last time you went to a park to relax?

Asked by whitetigress (3129points) October 13th, 2011

Which park did you go to? How often to do you go to parks for down time?

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Yesterday, I take my dog, and watch him play

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About 15 minutes ago.

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Last weekend. I hiked up a rocky, hilly forest to reach what you see in my avatar.

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If it stops drizzling, I’ll go again tonight.

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Heck, if it was drizzling around here I would be out dancing in it!

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@YoBob My son has already done that. ;) Usually we go to the park with our pup. He does not want to dance in it, or walk in it, or have wet leaves stuck to his paws ;)

We are finally getting some much needed precip!

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Last Saturday. It’s not really a park, it’s a small space by the river, with benches and trees everywhere, and a few lamp posts. I often go sit over there during Autumn, so I can look at trees and hear the river. (and the traffic not too many miles off lol)
I call it my date with Autumn, and I also go there in early Winter, when the first snows fall. (I’m a slut :D)
It was an overcast late afternoon, darkness already setting in, with the lamp posts lit up. I just love it, it’s all relaxing and shit. So it was one pretty cool Saturday afternoon.

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