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What's your opinion on skinny models?

Asked by itsjustcruel (387points) October 13th, 2011

I overheard an interesting conversation on the Bus today about wether or not pictures of extremely skinny models should be published in magazines and that such scrawny, skeleton like people are sometimes perceived as perfection and absolute beauty?
Someone said that it should be made illegal to do so, would that help, or just rub salt into the wound?

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The same as posters with bad grammar: I don’t like it.

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It depends how skinny.

I like skinny girls by in large (some pun on the wording there :P), but bones skinny can be disgusting really quickly. If they would just balance it out with beautiful models who are bigger, I don’t think there would be such a problem. But it does promote to people that they have to be this skinny to be attractive, which isn’t true, and in some cases being that skinny can produce quite the opposite effect…. disgust.

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Aren’t they all? Anyway, photos are touched-up so much these days. What we see isn’t real.

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@Blackberry Yes, it appears one of the recently removed or deleteds came back with purposeful typos

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After thinking long and hard about the issue, I just can’t muster a single fuck to give.

And as for laws, I generally think we need less of those. Not more.

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Illegal, no. Rather than spending resources on insulating potentially vulnerable people from perceived negative imagery (and prosecuting its production/distribution) perhaps we should better equip them to manage their self-image and confidence (not to mention societies response) so they’re less inclined towards the destructive behaviors associated with such imagery when faced with it.

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It depends how skinny, to echo what someone said above. I don’t mind at all models being thin and beautiful. I am not very keen on the idea of overweight looking normal to people in America. At the same time it would be nice if the photos were not so touched up, thin and real I like better. Skinny is more extreme than thin to me, and I am not in favor of the models being bone skinny.

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Bah. I think we need to spend less time focusing on women’s bodies, period. There is a picture floating around on Facebook recently with a picture of Marilyn Monroe, claiming her body is better than the slim woman in the photo next to her. It’s ridiculous.
Leave women’s bodies alone, damn.

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I agree with @ANef_is_Enuf, but it would be nice to see “models” of all sizes and heights. In a perfect world, a model would be chosen on her talent instead of her dress size.

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My opinion is that they are too skinny and I don’t understand why they are held up as an ideal of feminine beauty.

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I completely agree with ANef is Enuf

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They are often attractive. Average and plus-sized models are wonderful to look upon as well.

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I’m with @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard on this. I only have so many fucks to give, I ration them carefully and I’m afraid the issue of models didn’t make the cut this time.

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If so many people have ‘no fucks to give’ then why did you click on the link to this question in the first place?

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I clicked because the Q caught my eye. And having “no fucks to give” in my mind is not the same as having no opinion.

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I ♥ The Hipster Sidewalk girls. I for one believe super skinny is super sexy… What is NOT attractive is when women kill themselves to get there because big girls are beautiful too.

I guess all women are beautiful in their own way when they are well kept fasionable and have a way about them and a personal style that shows off their confidence no matter how big or small they are.

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@Blackberry Sorry I use sucky grammar. My Grammar is as sucky as Kelsey and the punctuation ain’t much better either I type too fast to pay attention.

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In my mind, runway models = walking clothes hangers. Functional, not sexy.

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I like women with some meat on them.

Preferably, mine.

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So long as it’s a healthy skinny, I have no issue with it.

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I hate when people act as if in order to be supportive of curvy girls, you have to insult and make fun of skinny girls.
What’s my opinion on skinny models? The same as my opinion on black models, white models, models with size 9 feet, models with long hair, models with brown eyes, models with blue eyes – some of them I find pretty, some of them I don’t. Why should it be illegal for a skinny girl to be in a magazine? I don’t support the way the media pushes the ‘ideal body size,’ nor the way they tend to avoid pictures of any models bigger than a size 2, but I don’t support discrimination against thin models either. Ridiculous.

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I feel the same way about skinny models as I do about under nourished children in Africa. They are being exploited and tortured to make money for the ruling classes. They all need a better diet and more fat and muscle.

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