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What is the worst thing you've ever done?

Asked by bluejay (1009points) October 13th, 2011

This can be morally or lawfully. It can just be a thought or it can be an action. What is the worst thing you’ve ever done in your life? Do you feel guilty? If you do what do you do about that guilt?

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Federal Crime -Ripped off my mattress tag when no one was looking.

Please don’t tell anyone. they have spies everywhere. Is that a helicopte…

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Falling in love with someone not worth it.Good thing it’s over now.

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Bullying my parents into letting me go into school to take a test on a day that they wanted to take me to the emergency room instead.

I almost died; it’s pure dumb luck that my perfectionism didn’t kill me that day.

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I imagined repeatedly slamming a boys head into the wall until he was no longer conscious, while at the pool when I was 13.
It was very vivid and just for a second I thought it was real. But I walked away..

He was making fun of my mother

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Telling someone who was pointing a gun at my head and had just fired a shot at me and missed (well sort of – left a flesh wound) that if he was going to shoot me again he’d better pray to god he killed me otherwise I was gonna rip his fucking head off. He pissed himself (literally) and ran away.

I was later informed by both the police and my company that this was not a valid technique for dealing with armed robbers. Who knew?

so not really wrong as such but it is the one thing that sometimes keeps me up at night

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Pushed all the buttons of all the floors of my appartment building’s elevator just before I went out of it.
Naughty rebbel….

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I dunno… Someone else tell me? Everyone else seems to know much better than I do so

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Burned down a mountain.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Can you give us some details on that one? You can’t just leave us hanging with those 4 little words!

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Yeah, I want to know how you could possibly do such a thing.

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He’s the Bastard. He’s omnipotent.

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I don’t really know what happened, but apparently I let my oldest son down somewhere along the way. Maybe the loss of his first two fathers affected him worse than I knew.

About 20 years ago, he brought his three little preschool boys to my house for a week or two visit, then he left for parts unknown. He surfaced in Texas, and eventually emigrated to Sweden. I don’t know why he couldn’t try to work out his issues with our help.

I have helped raise the boys, and their mother remains a member of our family.

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“I once went to the bathroom to take a piss when a group of drunken Turians wandered in. I’ll tell ya, it ain’t easy fighting with your twanger swinging around, but I managed to use it as a club and beat all of them to death. Drown the last one in the urinal I was using. Guess since he was at a bar at 3AM though´╗┐ his life was already in the pisser.”

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I did a lot of really bad things in my past but I have been good for about 15 years.

*except for pissing off the devil, but that doesn’t count

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I seem to have aroused myself with a few bad deeds. I also too tore the tag off of my night couch. I also have told false statements. I have also removed some items from their rightful places. Uh-oh! Is that the poli…..

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Committing genocide with my penis.

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I once used both Ben and Andrew’s names in vain.
Auggie’s too.

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I ain’t tellin’ you!
I’ve used your name in vain before Asshole Chuck, I mean, Astro Chuck. Sorry ‘bout that!

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@Michael_Huntington How the hell did you do that????

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With several dates with Rosie Palm and her five sisters.

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@YARNLADY, he must not think you are too bad a person or did too much harm to him if he intrusted you (of all people) to raise his own flesh and blood.

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@bluejay and @LezboPirate I’ve posted the story on here before, but I can’t find it and you guys probably weren’t around when I posted it, so I’ll briefly recount it for you. Basically, my mom wanted to learn to shoot, so we went to a tiny range in a tiny town up between two mountains. It was a very dry day and I had apparently forgotten that one of my rifle magazines was loaded with tracers. We shot a few targets at the 100 yard range and a huge plume of smoke started rising from behind the berm. I ran downrange to see what was going on and there was a perfect circle of flame. I poured my Dr. Pepper on it, peed on it, and everything, but the smoke was too much, so I called the fire dept. Long story short, said plume became a roaring inferno that engulfed the entire mountainside and a part of the other side before they got it under control. Mom and I had to go to this tiny little court in the Mayberry-esque town where the judge wore flip flops and sat behind a ping pong table. We were both fined $200 for “unauthorized use of tracers; set mountain aflame.”

Friends that have been up to this range recently have informed me that the mountainside still has evidence of being turned to charcoal, but the greenery is making a comeback in force since plants thrive on ashy soil and that sort of thing. I guess technically this can’t be the worst thing I’ve done, since it was an accident, but it is still a good way to raise a few eyebrows, and assuming I ever breed, it will be a great story for the grandkids. It’s pretty popular at parties, too. “Hey Fiddle, tell us about the time you burned down an entire mountain with a gun!”

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lost my orange prison pants.

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I got an extra pair for you @blueiiznh!

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard wow what a nice story. I was beginning to think you were going to leave us hanging!

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@bluejay probably not as exciting a story as you expected. :P

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard it’s not what I expected, but it is very exciting and interesting!
@CaptainHarley that’s nice 0-o… killed what?

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@bluejay Captain Harley was in Vietnam.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard You can’t blame yourself too much honey, after all God does it all the time.

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@GabrielsLamb oh I don’t blame myself. I think it gives me some badass points, if anything. ;-p How many people do you know who have managed to shoot a mountain and then make it burst into flames? Not many, aside from me, I’d be willing to bet. ;)

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So badass. <swoons>

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@KateTheGreat if only I did it from horseback, right? ;-*

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Oh you know it, hot stuff. Hahahaha.

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The worst thing… uhhm… nothing will match @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard‘s antic.

Probably not suing a company for discrimination when I had a slam-dunk case. I could’ve gotten a cool million and have had all my student loans paid off… dang!

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Jeez! Leave it to @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard!! You need to tell them about the time you got thrown out of a second story window by an irate father!

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@LezboPirate, sounds like he would have deserved it. Don’t mess with a kids mom. =]

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Haha, Yeah. Still.

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