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What is one small detail you like about fluther?

Asked by ucme (50037points) October 13th, 2011

Yeah we all know it’s a cool place to hang out & the staff/mods do a stellar job, but what about stuff that goes under the radar. Something unique/original that you’re particularly fond of.
Mine has to be the little eye & pen that denotes observers/crafters.
I don’t know what it is about it, I just know that I love it.

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I love the color scheme. It’s soothing.

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The little blurbs on the side of the page every time you refresh. They are cute :)

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I like when the “Messages for You” changes to bold font. It’s like Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates.

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Is Dr J big or little? In any case, I love him!

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I like the Share Question function.

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When there is a 1 behind the Messages for You, when I log in in the morning.

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The little pencils next to a few questions on the questions list when people are composing.

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The lower case f .

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I like the whole package—it’s a tremendous amount of information/activity presented in a way that is not overwhelming. Amazing, really.

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No advertising

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I like the Avatars. Especially when people choose things other than the standard jellyfish pictures. I love to see what people come up with.

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The fact that it tells us when someone’s typing. You don’t see that at other places. It makes the busy questions more exciting (“dang, 7 people are crafting responses?”), and it let’s you know when you’re about to get an answer, which is nice to know so you don’t walk away at just the wrong time.

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all of them

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Nice theme.
Friendly environment.
Helpful people.

much more ^^

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The picture on the top banner that has jellyfish in a submarine. Why would they need to go in there? They’re aquatic! It’s a mystery, but also cute looking.

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I’m with @KateTheGreat. I love the little blurps!
btw… I’m not suppose to tell anyone this, but…
I’m they’re favorite ; )

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I like the font the questions appear in.

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I like the layout. When I first saw it, I was like “Wtf is this jellyfish crap?” But the setup is very neat and clean. There’s not a bunch of extraneous stuff on the page.

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@Blackberry “Wtf is this jellyfish crap?”

Dude that totally made my day LOL XD :D

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That you can’t downvote stuff. Praise is the only thing allowed.

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It’s very soothing layout and color scheme. Not too ‘contrasty’ or busy. Perfect for my little brain.

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That there can be others that share, or can understand, your ‘concerns’ about this site (which is not small a small detail, I know)

Okay, the cool word “lurve” then. How’s that?

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I like giving/getting lurve not knowing who has done it. That makes it a wee bit more special.

@EnchantingEla cough actuallyI’mTheirFavourite cough

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The @“insert user name here” feature. I love how the user name that is mentioned in someone’s post stands out so that people can clearly see when they are being referred or spoken to. It saves trawling through whole threads at times when you don’t feel like it.

I also love seeing what I get lurve for. Every day when I log in, I look to the right of the screen to see what other users decided was worthy of lurve. If we were just given a number without any explanation of how it came to be it would be boring.

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It’s totally butch attitude

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I like that we can hoover our mouse beside the “Flag as” and see when the response was made.

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@chyna I feel dumb..3yrs here and I learned something new ;)

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@Jellie No nuh-uh!! They dreamt of me last night <heavy sigh> I think I’m in lurve…

@SpatzieLover I never knew that either… but I’m a n00b so I’m excused ; )

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@augustlan… she is an absolute gem.

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That when you try to follow yourself, you are sent here.

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Almost 2.5 years later and this Q popped up. I was going to answer the “Messages for you” in bold font and saw that is what I said back then, too.

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That I’m their favorite :*

Oh and the cream in their coffee ; )

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