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What is your favorite magazine and why?

Asked by Bri_L (12219points) May 11th, 2008

My favorite magazine is Reader’s Digest. I have just the right attention span. It has a lot of good info. Goof variety. Nice size. You can learn a lot. Laugh. Realize you don’t have things that bad. See sides of things that aren’t always reported. See the good that isn’t always reported. The bad that slips through. It is also a good resource for other things to read, view and listen to.

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Right now my two favorites are The Economist, and the New York Times Sunday Magazine. The Economist has a much broader world view than all of the American news magazines, and the NYT Sunday magazine is just fun to read.

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I like Thrasher Magazine. The covers always have a gnarly skate pic. There’s the envelope contest section that readers have contributed. There is featured artists and art in each mag. They have an eclectic blend of interviews and reviews of various musicians. The Hall of Meat is in each mag. It is pictures of really bad injuries from skating that readers have contributed. Then there is all the funny interviews and pictures of the skaters. Lots of satire too.

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Variety and Hollywood Reporter, because I work in the film industry and I have to keep up to date.

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My absolute favorite is Science News. I Lurve it.

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Oh, right… why….
Not only is it excellent and interesting, it comes out every week, so its always up to date.

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Popular Science is pretty good, but then again, im a nerd

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Food and Wine it has great ideas for my Friday night dinners with my most special friend (my wife).

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i usualy read the british Games TM, why? because im a game nerd who needs to be up to date, i occasionaly read the EMPIRE, british movie magazine, because i like movies obviously

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I buy 4–6 fashion magazines every month. Which ones varies, depending on the editorial shoots and reports, but some edition of Vogue us usually in there, because they tend to have the best ones for me.
I also enjoy National Geographic and Foto.

And I don’t buy the mags ‘for the articles’, they just happen to be there and can be quite interesting, but it is the images I’m after.
For reading, I mostly visit online news sites or work-related newsletters, like CIPD

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At the moment I am into Nylon Magazine . But I quite like NME and also Empire .

Nylon because it’s kinda my style, I guess. NME and Empire because they have info on cool new bands and films. The latter two are also because of influence from my older Brother.

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i like art in america.

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I love People! It’s so shallow!

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I only read magazines sporadically so I can’t say I have an absolute favorite. I like the jokes in the New Yorker, but find the fiction self-absorbed. I like Southern Living and Sunset because they evoke memories of home and ancestral home, but I can’t eat the fat and sugar laden SL recipes and Sunset gets on my nerves with pretension.

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I adore Teen Vogue. Because I attend a Math & Science residential school, fashion isn’t a top priority to most, but plays a major component in my life. T-V keeps me up to date & informed on the clothing industry, temporary & potentially long lasting fads, new & upcoming events, make up, & stories that pertain to the daily life of your average teen. It provides me with hours of endless entertainment. Everyday with Rachel Ray is unique & fun as well. I love the travel tips, quick & easy recipes, & interesting gift ideas it offers.

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Want a good science magazine, try SEED. It is amazing.

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Ive never been a fan of the “favorites” mentality. Seems to limiting, in addition to trying to make the world so black & white.

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I really enjoy Esquire. Good writing, timely topics, and a nice no-nonsense tone. Other favorites of mine are the NY Times Sunday Magazine for its in depth treatment of a topic, and Vanity Fair for the lux photography and amusing snobbery.

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Can’t say I read much in the way of magazines. A few years back I was big into Business 2.0. Now, the only magazine I spend time with is TapeOp. I wouldn’t mind trying to thumb through Wired though.

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“The Week” is a really good publication. No B.S., just precise national (US) and international coverage. Also “Utne Reader” which covers the best from small local indie publications. You get insightful opinions and news stories you won’t find in the mainstream corporate run news media. Of course, you can’t go wrong with National Lampoon or Mad Magazine, either.

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Ooh, I also like The Nation.

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I also like Popular science

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Seconded on Wired Magazine, because it’s porn for tech geeks like myself.

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The Nation, the New Yorker, and the Sunday Times Mag: gotta have the crossword, I
do it with my dtr-in-law, we always score. But I crave the car tune-up half-hour, when I
read People all I want.

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COLORS, the Benetton magazine is cool. Found is also pretty dudical.

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My favorite thing about the new yorker is the “make up the caption” contest for the cartoon. I love doing that.

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Food and Wine…I love to cook and drink wine..,its that simple! I also like People, prevention, Marie Claire, Redbook, Outside and Good Housekeeping. I also love Southern Living!!

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I heard the editor of Mental Floss on public radio this morning and he was so interesting and erudite that I plan to check out his magazine. Where else could you find 10 Remedies King Henry VIII Tried That You Probably Want to Avoid?

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I like Dirt Rag, The Beat, Skunk, and High Times.

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I only read magazines in a doctor’s waiting room. I like Reader’s digest too. I also like people, and I used to subscribe to country magazine. they have beautiful photos and the paper quality is great! Oh yeah, don’t laugh at me, but I still like to do the “hidden picture search” in Highlights for Children!!

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ha ha. Sorry.

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It’s ok. I’d rather make someone laugh than get mad!

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@scamp-sweet! That was (and is) still my favorite part! Thanks for that…

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@Scamp- I still like the fold up page of MAD magazine.

It’s nice when you come across one in the store and someone’s already done the deed.

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@peedub I love that too! I forgot all about that!

@sndfreQ I’m glad to see I am not the only one who is young at heart!!

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Wired. why? because its full of delicious insta win. Oh, that aaannnddd its just filled with awesome breakthrough technology that I feel will never stop amazing me. Plus it rags on coolwhip :D

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oh peedub, you are sooo right, the most amazing thing ever, those pages :D

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I totally love the mad fold page and hidden pictures.

and goofus and galant.

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Could you imagine Goofus and Galant in a tag team match agisnst Spy vs Spy? Yeah, I’m in a goofy mood tonight, ha ha!!

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Goofus was a god!

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Scientific American, Juxtapose, and Wired…and I love to guiltily indulge in celebrity trash mags….

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I’m a big fan of GOOD Magazine – it’s got a lot of interesting articles on a variety of topics, but it doesn’t take as long to read as the New Yorker (which I love reading, but just don’t have the time for…)

Plus, a yearly subscription to GOOD costs $20, and all of that $20 goes to one of their ten non-profit partner organizations (you get to choose which one). How cool is that?

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You don’t fool me. Many of you guys are just too embarrassed to say Hustler.

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He is the mailman, he would know!

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BITCH magazine because I am a feminist and the content is interesting regardless.

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