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Are sofa slipcovers a viable option?

Asked by syz (35649points) October 13th, 2011

I have a La-Z-Boy sofa that cost me a serious chunk of money, and the cats have already pretty much destroyed the arms (they’ve never done that with any of my other couches, this one seems particularly attractive for sharpening claws). I don’t want to spend the money to buy another couch, but my living room looks like crap.

Looking online, it seems that a lot of people are unhappy with their slipcovers, complaining that they rumple, ride up, and look messy.

Have you used one? Did you like it? How do you find one that fits correctly?

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My grandma puts slipcovers on everything, and still has the plastic wrap on her lampshades, etc., etc. I think it looks cheesy. Perhaps there’s a middle-of-the road option: have your furniture reupholstered (or just the arms with a similar material). Then keep kitty’s claws trimmed (just be careful not to cut too close to the bone or you can hurt kitty), or get something like SoftPaws.

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Yes I need to get them myself… Apparently beige Micro Suede DOES wear out, and when it does, it’s fugly.

They have beautiful sofa and love seat covers in Target believe it or not. It is cheaper than buying new furniture and I can get 2 sets and change them with the seasons.

You can’t easily launder or dry clean cushions so I think it’s a great idea, just take them off wash iron and put back again!

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Yes, I’ve used them a few times with no problems aside from a need to damp iron them. The ones I bought had seams which made them look a teensy bit more structured but you still had to tuck and tie here and there. It was a great option for pet hair and little puppy barf.

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They do tend to be unreliable as far as staying smooth and laying just right, but I’ve always just resorted to re-tucking and fastening them on a regular basis.
As @Neizvestnaya they are particularly handy for fur and other mishaps. A lot easier to toss them in the wash than it is to fix a cushion.

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Slipcovers are so frustrating, I mean, I know it’s in the name but they always fucking slip out of place, you will fight it every. Single. Day.

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Pottery Barn sells what looks like attractive cotton/linen slipcovers for sofas. There is a drop cloth and then a separate cover for the seat. (You can cheat and adjust with clothespins or safety pins.)


And another one

And this of twill

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I think it’s a good idea. We are kind of in the same situation. We have five kids, two dogs and two cats, so our furniture is beat up. I don’t want to spend the money on new furniture until everyone is a bit older because I know it will just get beat up again. For the mean time, it works.

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They can be annoying needing to be adjusted and re-tucked in but they do the job and I would recommend getting it.

Just don’t do what I did. I needed practical for the a pair of wing chairs but was swayed by two beautiful deep red ones in a knit velvet. When I put them on it transformed the room! I was so happy! For two hours.

Unfortunately I just was not thinking, Butchie, our ancient Labrador, is yellow. Also our lovable but neurotic dalmatian who thinks she is a cat decided the chairs were for her. Getting the hair off the covers was a nightmare than never ended. I did use them till they wore out but they always looked tacky with the fur.

Be sure that what ever fabric you get is fur resistant and generally matches your kitties. I now decorate my entire house in “Labrador Yellow” :D

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I’ve been very happy with SureFit. I’ve been getting their catslogs in the mail for around 10–15 years.

Years ago it was pretty unusual to find slipcovers for recliners but I’m delighted with mine. I think part of my satisfaction is because it’s made from strong stretch fabric so it’s a nice snug fit.

They also have Scotchguarded material. Everything comes with a money back guarantee.

They have one of the best variety of patterns and types of fabric and they aren’t the usual “really large piece of fabric” which you are left to keep tucking and re-tucking every time someone sits in it.

Plus they have great instructions sections on how to get the nest fit.

While there are plenty of general stores which carry various kinds of slipcovers, this company is single-purpose dedicated specifically to this product. And I think it shows in the quality of their products.

They’re the next best thing to having custom covers made for you (and paying an arm and a leg).

They also have a well-staffed 800 number for any advice and questions on getting the best fit or info about their various fabric choices.

They also have the best selection of pattern and color choices than I’ve seen anywhere else.

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Sew or glue velcro to slip covers and chair at strategic points

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Ok, I got the surefit slipcover, and it doesn’t look horrible. So far so good on staying in place.

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Good. Glad to hear it.

Which one did you pick ? Is it stretchable or not?

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