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Is it normal for a baby to lose their hair?

Asked by ItalianPrincess1217 (11973points) October 13th, 2011 from iPhone

My son is a month old and about a week ago he started to get really dry skin on his face, forehead, and scalp (near his hairline only.) A few days later I noticed a bald spot on his head. It wasn’t in the back of his head, it was on the top to the right. I bathed him tonight and didn’t scrub his head or hairline but when I patted his head with the towel more hair fell out! His hairline is receding by the day and the dry skin is still there. He had a check up today and the doctor didn’t say much of anything. She said it could be from dry skin. I’m going to call tomorrow and let them know it’s falling out worse. I’m wondering if any of the fluther parents can put my mind at ease. Is it normal for babies to lose their hair? Will it grow back? Losing patches of hair and having a receding hairline doesn’t seem healthy to me! I hope it’s nothing too serious.

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If your baby is eating well, I wouldn’t worry. Your soap may be too harsh for his skin. Sounds like when my son got infantile eczema or craddle cap, but I don’t know.
Try bathing him with dove soap. Its actually softer for his delicate skin. You can wash his hair with that too.
I think losing hair anywhere can be typical. Just guessing because I’m not a doctor but that can be just from the changes or hormones now that he is no longer getting a dose of your hormones.
Your water may also be too harsh for your baby so try not to bath him too much. He doesn’t need to be bathed everyday. Just wipe him down with a wet rag when he doesn’t need a washed. This should help with the dry skin as well.
Another thing you can try is cetephyl. There are two types. One where you can rub it on his skin and wipe it off with a dry towel (no water needed) and the other is the lotion. You don’t need the lotion. The first one will do. Its extremely gentle for their skin.
Well congrats on the little one. :D

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It is totally normal. If I had a penny for every person who told me my sons’ thick mane of platinum blond hair would fall out I would be a wealthy woman!

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It is called telogen effluvium and is perfectly normal.

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I believe that’s called “Cradle Cap”... It’s normal.

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Yes hon… Perfectly normal. His or her eyes will also change color, he or she will get baby acne, he or she might scratch him or herself (I suggest biting his or her nails for a while because clippers can hurt! and he or she will shed skin like a little lizard baby

If you haven’t experienced cradle cap yet… It’s a pain in the rump… Baby oil helps

Happy CW?

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Cradle Cap is different than hair loss though. :)

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What’s not normal is for a singular baby to turn plural.

But the hair thing? Yeah, that’s nothing to worry about.

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@bkcunningham I know but they happen one after the other usually if you experience cradle cap at all…

Sometimes babies lose their hair in patches and the new growth is really dark… I always thought that was funny in the cutest way.

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I was almost bald when borne and within 6 weeks I was BALD.

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@bkcunningham Great link! That picture is exactly what my son’s hair loss looks like.

Also, I know what cradle cap is and as of right now, he doesn’t have it. Knock on wood! Just some dry skin that seems to be improving.

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Sorry to post the other thing kidding with @CWOTUS in your very serious, and “general” thread, @ItalianPrincess1217. I just noticed it was in general.

I’m very glad it helped. Glad you have a healthy baby too. Congratulations. Have you thought about joining a new Mom’s forum? I bet you’d love it and make lots of new online first time Mother friends.

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My son had lovely fine red hair at birth; it was all gone by five weeks.

Part of it is they are resting their head against something all the time, so it wears the delicate hair off.

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When my daughter was born, she had tons of hair. It started falling out at 6 weeks. By 3 months, she had nothing but this little piece on top that looked like a cheap toupee. At 4 months or so, it started growing back and by 6 months she had a full head of hair that was curly!

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Yes it is normal.

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Both my babies’ hair was full and dark. It then fell out on top and at the back apart from a little frill along the bottom like a monks tonsure. Hilarious looking. They both had cradle cap. I used to put oil on it- baby or olive.

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