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How do homework questions get through the moderators on Fluther?

Asked by bkcunningham (18451points) October 13th, 2011

I’m just curious. How do questions that are obviously homework assignments make it through the Fluther question asking process without being caught by the mods?

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Mods wake up and pay attention only when we the people flag a question. They do not routinely vet everything that appears here. So we must do our part.

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@gailcalled, so, when you ask a question, it automatically gets posted?

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I believe so. Given what has been showing up here recently, doesn’t that seem to be the case?

Oh, goody. Here comes a mod (and one who can write perfect villanelles, too. Be still, my heart.)

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From Fluther Help:

Homework Questions
Feel free to ask for help on your subject, but simply posting your homework question verbatim and expecting an answer is rude! We’re not here to do your homework for you.

It is not against the rules to ask homework questions. In general, the community expects that homework questions will demonstrate that the asker has already done some independent work on the problem, and responses may be removed if they just give away the answer instead of prompting the asker to work it out. Requesting and providing help, however, are both allowed.

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Aahh. Thank you.

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@bkcunningham You are quite welcome!

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Additionally- questions ARE automatically posted.

While mods do “Wake up and notice” when a question is flagged I would like to add that we are not really just sleeping on the job. (Oh how I wish for a night of real sleep without interruption every half hour!) We really do try and really flags are the best way to help us!

We are all busy in real life working and caring for others and work as much as we can. Flags are vital to helping us see the issues right away and we very much need and appreciate them!

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@Dog; Bad metaphor. I was thinking of Sleeping Beauty who needed the kiss in order to spring into action. Sorry for the sloppy writing.

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@gailcalled WAIT! Is there a prince hanging out in the wings? ;) I am going to sleep for sure! We really need Moderator Prince Charming to join Fluther! ::D

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MIlo herre; You’re talking about me, I presume. Call my secretary. She’ll send you an autographed 8×10 glossy and put you on the waiting list.

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Ahh Dear Milo! I still light your magnificent mouse candle holder and drink champaign in front of the fire every fortnight. :) Indeed- a nice 8×10 would grace the mantle well!

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@SavoirFaire So when users see a question where the OP hasn’t put in their part, are we supposed to comment on this (I think you’re just trying to get us to do your work for you, this smells like homework, etc) so as to coax the OP into doing their part, or are we supposed to flag it? I’m a bit unclear as to what the policy is here…

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@Aethelflaed User’s choice, I’d say. If you don’t feel like saying “we need to see what you’ve already done before we can offer help on how to proceed” yourself, you can flag it and ask us to do the dirty work for you. Typically speaking, a homework question that just posts the problem verbatim will qualify for flagging under either “doesn’t have enough details” or “doesn’t prompt a thoughtful discussion.” But while the moderators are hard to ignore, they are easy to vilify. Thus it may be more effective for the message to come from the community itself. Customs tend to influence behavior more than laws.

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If I see a question that directly asks for the answer, I’ll remove it and ask the poster to give us more detail and remind them that we’re happy to help them with, but won’t actually do, their homework.

@Dog I think she meant that the asker was trying to get us to do their work for them. :p

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@augustlan Oh? Did I totally misunderstand?

So sorry everyone.

I am going to my doghouse now. no rolled up newspaper please!

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It’s a bit like (the now defunct and archaic – yay!) don’t ask, don’t tell. You can ask a homework question, just don’t say it’s a homework question. And if it isn’t flagged – then it stays. Now it’s up to the community how it is answered. I think the mods would naturally go easier with a first-timer anyway, so as (rightfully) not to scare them off.

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