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Can you list some films in which the stories revolved around Native American lives?

Asked by whitetigress (3129points) October 14th, 2011

Not looking for so much, documentary films, but some well thought of movies.

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Dances With Wolves
A Man Called Horse

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Smoke Signals was a great look at modern reservation life.

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Sexy Beast



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Documentary on Chief Dan George

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The Last of the Mohicans

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Little Big Man

I saw that one a long time ago and have no recollection of how authentic it tried to be.

@GabrielsLamb, I’m afraid your first link doesn’t appear to go to anything involving the movie Sexy Beast, which in any case is a heist movie that doesn’t have anything to do with Native Americans. Did you give it the wrong label?

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Cherokee Autumn

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You know what movie didn’t revolve around Native Americans? Windtalkers.

*I didn’t actually see it because I was too busy bitching about a movie called “Windtalkers” having Nicolas Cage as it’s star.

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@jeruba That was in reference to the protagonist in the film. He played the part of the lead Indian. It is an older film from 1973 It’s called Winterhawk but they don’t have a better link on youtube concerning it so that was the best I could do.

I think Michael Dante was a very sexy beast


Better link.

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Oh, sorry, @GabrielsLamb. “Sexy beast” was your comment and not the name of a film. I misunderstood.

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@Jeruba That had me confused as well having seen Sexy Beast a couple years ago.

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I enjoyed The New World

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@Leanne1986 A writing professor recommend that one to me, but I haven’t gotten to it yet. It kinda surprised me because because it was so maligned when it came out and he was dead certain I would love it. Maybe it missed it’s market?

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@fundevogel Be warned, it is a bit slow going in places!

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