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How do you put a hollow shape in the middle of a text?

Asked by xTheDreamer (897points) October 14th, 2011

I saw this magazine where there’s a text an there’s a hollow circle in the middle of the text. I wanted to know how do you do that?
If you don’t know what I mean here is a picture

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It’s pretty simple in most modern word processors. You simply select the graphic you want with the white space you want, put it where you want it on the page, and then have the text flow around it.

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In other words, it appears hollow (blank) because there’s no text there, but in reality it’s a graphic that includes a large circular white space. You can position it and format text around it the same way you would with a graphic that fills the space.

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At least in Illustrator you can draw a shape on a block of text and then you select the shape and the text and go to Object—> Text Wrap—> Make

Here is me doing it around a star.

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Here’s a tutorial. The picture of the Advanced Layout settings give a quick idea of the different ways to wrap text around a graphic.

How to Wrap Text in Microsoft Word

If you are not using Word, most word processors will have very similar settings.

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