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Are there any paradoxes you have noticed about you as a person?

Asked by Ponderer983 (6406points) October 14th, 2011

For example, I am a “good girl,” but from time to time I like to get wasted as all hell and get high. Or I like to be really girlie, but other times I like to get down and dirty. Anything like that in your personality?

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I am emotionally controlled and contained most of the time.

For some reason I find myself getting kicked out of clubs for dancing on the over-sized speakers occasionally. Apparently only women are allowed to do that.

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Absolutely I am loaded with them! I call myself a chamelion because I am actually quite true to whatever I am in a moment. I am very unique to my surroundings and very reactionally dependent upon my environment and those who are in it at the time.

I behave like a mirror, and if I do not like what is reflecting in me, I let it know. If it doesn’t like me, it will be because it is looking back at a snapshot image of its own behavior. For this reason self delusional people and personality types, usually tend to hate me, some violently. Some of the very worst interactions I have had with people were those who project images of themselves that are completely false on purpose so that they can manipulate or get over on people. They hate me, because I see right through them… I don’t like bullshit!

Lots of people are sensitive like that, and I can’t help but wonder if all of those clandestine, intentional diagnosis of “Bi-Polar” that get tacked onto some people are really just sensitive people who deal more in snippets of time, as opposed to one compressed, overall, solidified persona.

I am what I am. Many people call me ingenuine or phony or even a liar because of it which is strange because I have always laid everything out there for anyone to see. I hide very little of myself from anyone. If I do hide anything, it’s most the good stuff.

So yes… Very contradictory, paradoxical and dual natured, this I am.

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I’m an introvert, there’s no doubt about that… but I am also able to easily talk to strangers, I throw great parties, and I have a tendency to take charge when no one else seems to jump at the opportunity.

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I seem to be able to help everyone but myself.

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@Facade Me too… I got your back though… Lean here whenever you need to.

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I’m full of paradoxes… my profile page mentions some and to name some more…

I’m both an introvert and an extrovert, a creative thinker and a logician, a very friendly but very reserved person, am overly tolerant but also can totally be intolerant, am open but also closed, am bluntly honest but know how to lie like a spy, am extremely observant but don’t notice if someone wears glasses or hats, etc… If I ever got a tattoo, I probably should get the Janus but I don’t consider myself two-faced at all.


I can either be an introvert or an extrovert, depending on the day and how I’m feeling.

To the outside world, I’m very orthodox, conservative, reserved, and methododical, but I know I am eccentric and highly unpredictable at times.

I can be the kindest, gentlest, and compassionate person there is, but sometimes I can be cold, selfish, and impersonal too.

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I hate everything, but when no one is looking, I like to hug soft things.

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I’m disgusted by factory farms but continue to eat meat/dairy.

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First thing that comes to mind is that I’m an atheist, yet I can not help but talk to Jehovah’s Witnesses when they come to pay me a visit. =D

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