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When you buy a burial plot it is a real estate transaction. So why then are you not allowed to roll out a sleeping bag and crash for the night?

Asked by Dog (25132points) October 14th, 2011

Wouldn’t this be considered discrimination against the living?

After all- you are allowed to stay in it for all of eternity so long as you are dead.

For that matter- if they sell you a plot because of a “great view” does this mean you can put a periscope in the coffin? Otherwise how is the view of any use?

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We could always start an “Occupy the Graveyards” movement. :p

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Now I want to get some PVC pipe and some lenses and a mirror and make a fake periscope to stick in my grandpas grave to screw with my family.

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Have you been smoking some of Hypo’s stash?

Uhhhh, I think you could camp out for a night, but live there? There aren’t any bathrooms.

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@JohnPowell That is hilarious but wrong LOL

I think not positive I remember seeing that it is actually illegal, in one of those stupid legalities books where they mention dumb things that are illegal to do in certain states.

It was somewhere on a page that said you can’t put a donkey in a bathtub and it is illegal to refuse someone a glass of water in Arizona in 100 degree weather?

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@Dog: Would you believe that a similar question was asked here in April? The answers address the legal issues, which are not ambiguous.

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Have you been smoking some of Hypo’s stash? ROFLMAO That made the night. I don’t know whether to feel legendary or infamous. LOL LOL It is a dang good question though, hafta lurve that.

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@gailcalled Yes, but what about the periscope? ;)

@johnpowell Ha! Brilliant!

@augustlan I am down for that!

@SpatzieLover Nope- Hypo refuses to share.

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@Dog I can’t share. It gives dogs distemper….that would be cruelty to animals and PETA will pummel me with stale loafs of French bread and pumpernickel. ;-)

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Seriously they are so unreasonable with their rules!
Lets say my husband and I always wanted to be buried together- but what the hell is this business of being in separate coffins? That is so 1950’s! I did not get married to spend eternity in the equivalent of twin beds!
If he dies before me I bury him in a double wide coffin and when I croak how hard is it to dig him up and toss me in? Come on! You have to admit it is romantic! ~

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I’d totally do that ^^. What can I say? I’m a sentimental fool.

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CCand R’s. They’re in a lot of real estate transactions.

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@Judi True, but I would like to know why. :)

Haven’t any of you ever been curious about this stuff?

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@Dog: The orthodox Jewish cemetery where I have a plot (which I will probably not use because I am planning to donate my body to a has very clear rules.

All the gravestones must be uniform and flush with the ground. Therefore, no periscopes. The double-wide is a good idea if you build it vertically. Otherwise, you’d have to spring for two plots.

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Well- aside of the fact that a proper periscope can lower to below ground level I get that. Regarding the double coffin- I don’t mind buying two plots. Nor would it be all that bad to have one tall one.

What is Milo’s opinion? Is he donating his body to Veterinary Science or would he prefer to take your unused plot?

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Milo here; Don’t be silly. I am living forever. And I am sending subliminal suggestions to Gail about the terms and beneficiaries of her will.

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@Milo- What about the plethora of mice you have not turned into gilded candlesticks? Have you considered a lovely little graveyard for them? If so please consider being a more civilized business and allow some creature comforts. ;)

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I love this Q

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@Dog: MIlo here; Too late, unless I call for a disinterment. Initially, Gail kept telling me that she was sending the mice to live with a nice family in the country, along with all the nice doggies (including Larchmont Jeffrey, one of the dogs that I had grown up with).

But she realized quickly that I wasn’t as ingenuous as I looked and then mentioned the mouse cemetery in the woods. Fool me once, shame on me…

It turns out, which is OK, that she has actually recycled the mice appropriately… for worms and raptors.

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@gailcalled Milo needs a blog. He is really rather brilliant as a writer and always leaves me smiling!

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Jeez, guys. MIlo already has a swelled head. Do not encourage him.

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