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Anyone have ideas on a big romantic plan to win someone back?

Asked by interpol (17points) May 11th, 2008 from iPhone
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could you possibly add more background information, like why you guys broke up? What happened? How long were you together? That’d help, and was what I was expecting when I clicked on the question.

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If there is a chance of reconciliation, ie. if this other person wants to be with you, a small, understated gesture that shows you really thought of them ( like a single flower if the person’s favorite kind) will do a lot more than something big and over the top.

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Any plan has to depend on the circumstances. Like, did you cheat or otherwise hurt this person? Have you had a long history with many break-ups?

In the end, the only good plan is real sincerity about wanting to try again, and then it will only work if the other person has some interest in getting back together.

I hope things work out.

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My feeling is, with very little info to go out, that a one-time big splash is not the answer. The other three answers say it well….if the other person is interested, it is a long, slow process (very much like life itself). Trust, dialog, kindness. mutual respect, ability to listen, lack of defensiveness, small regular sweet gestures….taking out the trash.

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what if that someone has a new significant other. Then how would you “win” them back?

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thats another question, atr…
BUT, what I think is that if they really had feelings for you then they would not have a “new significant other”. Why would you want to win someone back that is with someone else??? they really weren’t worth it if you have to do that.

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… I guez :\ lol I was just wondering

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Please supply us with more information so we can give you better answers.

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