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Why do weeks start on Sundays?

Asked by augustlan (47376points) October 15th, 2011

Officially, on calendars and such, the week begins on a Sunday. Was there a logical reason for this in the past? Does any logical reason still exist?

Since we generally think of ‘weekdays’ (Monday through Friday) as being followed by ‘weekends’ (Saturday and Sunday), it seems like it would make much more sense for the week to begin on Mondays and end on Sundays. Should we change it? What kinds of problems would such a change cause?

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Because God rested on the seventh day after spending six making the world and Saturday is the seventh day in the jewish week. And traditions like that are hard to break.

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We should note that America is one of the few coutries that start the calendar week on Sunday. Or, at least in my experience most other countries start on Monday, I actually don’t know if it is a majority of countries or not. I prefer not to change it. I think it is correct that it is because Saturday is the Sabbath as @Lightlyseared stated.

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Oddly I think we should adopt metric like the rest of the world, and writing the day before the month makes sense to me (althought now I would argue year first probably makes most sense for sorting dates on computers; year, month, day) but I want to keep Sunday first on the calendar. Seems a little inconsistent of me.

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This has a lot of info on it.

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I think the week should start on Wednesday :-p

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I don’t want the calendar messed with. Or the clock.

A couple of years ago my wall calendar was European-made and had weeks beginning on Monday. It threw off my rhythm all year.

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Sunday is the second day of the weekend, and there’s a teensy clue in there to indicate that it isn’t the start of the week.

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Weeks were around long before there was such a thing as a weekend.

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Because ‘Fri’day was too hot to be the first…and so Sunday came along and seemed more pleasant.

Fridays were then promptly moved to be the first day of the weekend…to cool off, or be cool. Yep.

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