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How well can the truth stay buried?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26871points) October 15th, 2011

Knowing the complete truth will never be in many instances, or people take great strides to hide it. Parents hide truth from children, and vise versa, spouses from each other, employers from workers, politicians from the public, and so on, and so on. Sometimes the lie can stand for decades then some long lost archives or file brings the truth to light. Sometimes a participant spills the beans to ease a guilty conscience. Other times it comes out in the effects the departed left behind and can no longer protect. Some of the time, the truth is right there but will never be known completely, as in the OJ and De Anza baseball team rape trial. Do eventually most truths come to light, or are most buried so deep we do not even know they exist?

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I believe from my own perspective that all things are both true and false. Each thing holds a measure of each condition and because of a scientific law called Polarity, everything takes it’s time, as well as takes it prosepctive turn.

It’s like Electron pairs, one spins up and one automatically but this spins down in counter, everything is dual natured and every lie has it’s measure of truth and every truth holds its own lie.

Really, what people do is base truth or lies, facts or fiction on belief and not on evidence. People choose to believe what suits their purpose for whatever condition it finds them in. I have always known and have lived most of my life in the observation of the fact that people are never completely what they seem and they are always much more than they portray.

They ways that we confess are many and subtle and many people don’t even realize how their own behavior often gives them away every second of every day. That’s why the best thing you can do when you want to make people believe you over someone else is not tell the truth but tell them what things back the evidence of their belief in their own observations.

So truth is relative and lies are ever present… Basically, knowing what I do about the human race and the ways it functions or doesn’t as the case may often be
All I can really say to this is
Meh… What difference does it make what is true and what is false when people are only and ever going to believe what the hell they want anyway. That is why I never ever worry about what things people say about me. I know the truth, and that is all that really matters to me.

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Great answer…edging up to quantum thinking.

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The truth will never see the light of the day in some cases. And it mainly depends on what was the lie about.

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The older I get the more disappointed I am how alienated we are on an individual basis from our fellow humans. Misunderstanding and judgment runs rampant. I have also come to realize the degree of fantasy in even the most serious of real dramas in the movies or television and this is regard to the always present resolution that comes out of every crisis. Real life stands in strong contrast where resolution is rare if ever. As @GabrielsLamb said, we live in our own realities and only every once in a while deal on a level of true full honest intimacy. So to bring my point back around, me, us, all live in a constant state of lies in the facade we put forward or how we give others what they want to gloss it all over and keep things moving forward, but this is only compromise which is often far from resolution.
I for one have a deep seated need for honesty in myself and everyone around me and often am sickened by the level of bullcrap that is served. I think lies are one of the hallmarks of weakness. I live in truth as much as possible, leaving all for the light of day.
So do most lies come to light, no. Only by accident or necessity.

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The truth can be hidden very well.
For example, the bush regime still has not been indicted for orchestrating the 9/11 false flag attacks.

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The truth always comes out.

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As long as there is the art of redaction.

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@ragingloli – Right! Thank you! Apparently, I’m only being told I’m the only one.

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Truth can be hidden & it is on a regular basis. Personally, I prefer honesty/truth – you do not have to stop & remember to whom you told what if you express the truth. Unfortunately, the ability to lie well is a survival technique & is not likely to fade anytime soon.

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I don’t believe in secrets, especially the idea of keeping them buried for a long time. Of course you shouldn’t start a relationship with blurting out all your deep park secrets but believe that nothing important should be hidden for very long.

I also don’t believe in government or diplomatic secrets kept past the time where they would hurt the government. Remember Bradley Manning is still in prison and hasn’t even gone to trial because he “may have leaked” “diplomatic secrets”.

The only secrets government should keep secret are ones that involve weapons system. Anything else should have a very limited life until they are declassified.

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