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Is this dress considered 50's style?

Asked by flash74686 (478points) October 15th, 2011

Monday is Decade Day at my school, and I don’t want to be like all the other girls who are wearing neon leggings and cutoff shirts for the 80’s. I have this dress ( which I’m going to pair with a white cardigan, and bobby socks with sneakers or something, then a yellow headband to match the belt. But if you looked at someone in this dress, could you tell she’s trying to represent the 50’s? I mean it looks close enough to me, but since I wasn’t alive then, I can’t be sure!

Also, I would love advice for making this look as authentic as possible! :)

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I wasn’t about in the 50s either but depending on the length, it looks representative of that era. I think it will work very well. The only thing I would add is perhaps a full petticoat to go under the dress. To really fill it out. You can buy them on ebay I think or you could probably make your own with some tulle.

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You could look at pictures of Jackie Kennedy in her early years and see what she wore to get some ideas. She was very stylish and fashionable for that time period. I think that dress would be considered 50’s and I applaud your wanting to be different than the others in your class. A great way to stand out and be yourself.

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I would say that it was inspired by 50s fashion but to be honest I’ve never seen any dresses that short or with spaghetti straps like that in anything representative of the 50s. But it is definitely reminiscent of the style and with a cardigan and head band I would definitely pick what era you are going for.

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Definitely wear the cardigan, but I think you’ve got it!

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I agree with @shrubbery , too short and the spaghetti straps probably would not be right. They would have had a wider strap on a sun dress of that time.
It’s very cute and you might make it work with the cardigan, but I don’t know what you could do about the length.

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The shirt is much to short and the top needs straps wide enough to cover the Maidenform cotton bra straps.

Here’s a typical outfit; felt skirt with poodle, saddle shoes or penny loafers with wool ribbed tennis socks, and elastic waist cincher.

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I think it’s too short.

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Close enough – not exact – and cute with cardigan!

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i was in high school and college in the 50’s. Skirt lengths were definitely longer, like mid-calf. Full skirts were in. but so were pencil slim skirts. At the end of the 50’s, spaghetti straps were definitely in fashion. Bobby sox with saddle shoes or penny loafers are good. Hair bands, yes. Now, having said this, I don’t think you should worry too much about being exact. It isn’t worth spending a lot of money on what is, for you, a costume. It’s the general effect you want to go for. A plain sweater and a string of pearls is good too. Have fun!

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Spaghetti straps were quite popular in the 50’s, but the dresses were longer & the skirts were fuller (unless it was a ‘shirt-waist’ dress which were slim & hugged the body & was generally worn with a wide belt fitted snugly around the waist).


I think so. I loved how women used to dress back in the 50s and early 1960s. They looked so feminine and lady-like. Nowadays, the dresses women wear either have too much material, or no form, or both.

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The real short skirts didn’t show up until minis came along in the sixties, and they were very controversial. This would have been far too revealing for the wholesome Main Street fifties of white gloves and patent leather shoes.

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I have a book on 50’s styles clothes (to use in theater)—what @Sunny2 said is very accurate. I’d definitely take her word for it, considering she was alive at that time and wearing these clothes!

Just for the day, I think this dress is perfect (albeit the length) with a cardigan and a headband, or a ponytail with bangs. Make sure you wear saddle shoes or ballet flats.

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I was also alive and clad in those clothes.

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I had a poodle skirt too, of gray felt with a little black velveteen poodle wearing a tiny plaid jacket. His appliqué leash came up to the waistband. (I was in junior high, though.) It made a full circle when I sat on the floor. I wore seven petticoats beneath it. Why oh why did we wear those silly things?

I hated saddle shoes and wouldn’t wear them. I wore penny loafers with white ankle socks.

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You must have the appropriate hair-do, also.

And set your hair, dampened first, with pin curls (wind small section of hair close to head and secure with two crossed bobby pins) wrap bandana around, and go to bed.

In the morning you will look just like I did in 1954. (Don’t follow the instructions on YouTube for the updated, gelled, and fiddled-with pin curl.)

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It’s not EXACTLY 50’s, like length and stuff… But it is a great modern representation of the 50’s :) It’ll look cute with the cardigan :D Make sure to look up 50’s hair styles to make it look more authentic :) Have fun at decade day!!

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yes,It is a conservative style, in line with the style of the 1950s, you know alina you see her dress,Affordable Formal Wear Under 100

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