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Which luxury brand automobile would you choose & why?

Asked by raven860 (2174points) October 15th, 2011

Which Brand would you choose and why?

-Land Rover
-Mercedes Benz
-Other (Ones I may have missed)

You can also mention which automobile brand you like even if its not a “luxury” one.

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Lotus Evora

Though as a more practical choice, I like the Chrysler Town and Country.

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87 Volvo wagon. Easy to repair and safe and gets good gas mileage. And you can have proper sex in the back of one.

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@johnpowell – Really? You can put a fully-equipped dungeon in the back of a Volvo?!?!

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@HungryGuy :: I can fit all my crap (including bed) in the back of a 87 Volvo wagon. I don’t have or care about much.

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We’ve been satisfied which our Buick Park Avenue but they are out of production. So I would go with the Lucerne that I believe replaced it. This doesn’t mean we will ever own one but if we had the opportunity we would look at it.

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I currently drive a Lotus Elise S2. I’m more than happy to continue doing so.

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I’ll take a Rolls Royce like this one.

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I loved my Alfa Romeo 33 1.7 QV. not mine, but similar
Pity it didn’t pass its MOT in 2000….

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Of the list, I’ll take an Audi. It looks the least obviously pretentious.

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my daily driver is a Mercedes Benz S-class, an Audi A6 for a spare/weekends. . . Lincoln Navigator for foul weather driving.

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Toyota Camry Solara.

Dependable, thrifty, good looking, and affordable.

This is my second one to own.

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@john65pennington – Don’t you drive a police car?


Jaguar or Porsche. I currently drive a BMW M3, but I like the sleekness of a Jaguar or Porsche. The only thing is, Jaguars and Porsches are not that suitable to the climate where I live.

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Maserati Quattroporte.
Gorgeous inside an out and technically a sedan so my friends can ride!

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Wherever I go, Yugo.

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I’m torn between Audi and Infiniti.

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Mercedes. Reliability. Not to mention the Germans are renowned for their cars and they always put a lot of work into making the perfect things.

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Maybach and if I want to go cross country i would just have it “trucked” in a an enclosed trailer truck.

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Well, my car is an Audi and my dad has a super luxury Audi, and it has to be my favorite car (the rare times he’s allowed me to drive it) so I’d definitely get one like that :P

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@DominicX What is a super luxury Audi? I keep hearing that among BMW Audi & Benz, Audi is the way to go.

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@MRSHINYSHOES I believe Porsche’s with the “4” badge have all-wheel drive systems in them…if that is what you are looking for un-suitable climate.

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HungryGuy, yes, I use to drive a Crown Vic. Best police car I have ever driven and I have driven many different ones.

My personal car is a Toyota Camry Solara. Toyota quit making the Solara in 2008. I located an almost brand new 2007 Solara and bought it at first sight. It only had 43,000 miles on it and still had that brand new car smell inside. I love it.

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Cadillac, but only if it’s a 50s model. Otherwise, I don’t see anything special about any luxury automobiles. Modern cars are ugly.

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I have a jaguar and I love it. It’s a sweet sweet car. Nothing ever breaks, it’s beautiful, has a killer sound system. it is wonderful to ride in my friends love it when I drive.I have to sell it and I’ll really miss it. It gets bad gas mileage.

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@raven860 the super luxury audi could be the S8, the flagship of the Audi brand

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