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How does one find out what one is passionate about?

Asked by Jellie (6489points) October 15th, 2011

I’m going through life, working my day job, coming home, watching tv, hang out with friends once in a while, but I’m not pursuing any long time goal. Most people have side projects or hobbies that they pursue which is their passion. I know I’m into some stuff, but how do I figure out what I am really interested in and want to focus my energies on. I don’t mean a hobby. I mean a long term thing such as a charity, or like making music, writing.

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The only thing I can figure is – try everything that sounds even remotely interesting, and a few things that sound like way too much work.

Sure, you’ll find a lot of things that turn out to suck (my own: Civil War re-enacting, religion, calligraphy, etc.) but eventually you’ll find something you like (me again: Furniture restoration, science fiction, humanities)

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Get off your ass and try stuff. If it sucks move on to the next thing.

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I have this problem, although my circumstances are different, and I’m not good about following the advice I’m about to give you, but here it is.

The main thing is that you need to cultivate space for and listen to (and heed) your inner voice. If you’re not doing that, it won’t matter too much what you do, because you’ll never hear the signal when you happen upon something good or when you are asking for some direction. It really is fundamental to create space for that voice and to give it your attention on a regular basis. Maybe it’s less critical to be that deliberate if it’s already a habit for you.

Secondly, you need to speak and act on behalf of that voice. If it tells you to try something new, then go do it. It matters a lot less how well you do it or if you are fully prepared. Don’t worry about the outcome initially. Just focus on getting your feet wet and doing your best to see what the thing is all about.

One more reflective and technique oriented way of going about it is to sit down and write for a bit. Here’s one set of instructions. Another way to think about doing essentially the same thing is to start by dividing a page in half. Make one side your conscious voice (i.e. you) and the other side your inner voice. Start by inviting your inner voice to have a conversation with you and then proceed to ask whatever questions you have or voice whatever concerns you have. Write down what you “hear” your inner voice telling you. Write it down immediately and just as you hear it. Continue until you feel you have some direction or feedback you can use and then use it.


I think it’s just anything that you have a natural attraction for. For example, I have always loved trees. From this liking, I started to find something fun and creative I can do that involved trees——bonsai.

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Some people just don’t have that zing in them.

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If you really love something it should be straightforward. It’s just as loving a person.

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What turned you on as a kid? That’s always a good start.

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@Coloma Tying myself up in the closet and pretending I couldn’t get free?

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Sooo, you like magic tricks then?

Well…next step is to tie yourself up under water, then, locked in a box underwater with chains and padlocks. lol

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@Jellie, it really is a case of trying things. I think that is the only way to find out whether something really appeals. If you have thought “oh I would like to…”, go and do it. The more you try, the more likely you will find that thing that just grabs you. Let us know when you get there. I think we all have something that inspires us, sadly I think some people are just too busy or lack the motivation to go and find it. I don’t think you fall into this latter category. So, share when you discover your passion :-)

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By ones restraining orders.

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It’s like love; you’ll know it when you find it. Meanwhile try as many roads as you have time for. Say yes, not no. You never know, and what you choose first may change later. Look for things that interest you. Look into categories: do you want to work with people, with numbers, with creative projects, with animals, indoors or outdoors? etc. There are many, many roads to a successful (for you) life. Good luck.

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@Coloma I think I was, at that age, exploring a very early bondage fetish.

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