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Is there a way i can work if im 15? Besides detassling.

Asked by jdogg (871points) May 11th, 2008

I want to work indoors like washing dishes or be a bagboy for a grocery store or something like that.

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Maybe a golf caddy. What is detassling?

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u dont no what detassling is? its when you take the tassle (pollinators) of corn and throw them on the ground. Its very hard work especially in the cornfields during the summer when its 115 degrees in the fields.

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its common in the midwest

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that’s my first time hearing of it. there’s not alot of choices out there for a 15 year old. at least there wasn’t when i was 15 and that was many winters ago. I’m not sure about these days.

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I had np idea what detassling was as well, and I used to work on a farm.

All I can say is to get yourself out there, meet/shake hands with managers… Etc. Most places hire at 16 with a workers permit. Is it a while till you’re 16? Start a lawn mower business.

edit::: lawn moWING business

(but you all knew what I meant) only person that can correct me and I’m ok with it is mama Gail ;)

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@TheHaight Yep. You can’t go wrong with mowing lawns.

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or, rather, since you may not have the upstart for a factory, a lawn mowING business.

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ezra don’t be a smartass. You all know what I meant.

How much do you get paid detassling?

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You specified indoor jobs. Try businesses whose business expands in the summer: fast food restaurants, for example, or Starbucks. Is there YMCA/YWCA where you are? They have a “rent-a-Kid” program. Babysitting is indoor work.

I don’t know where you are, but many local groups work to find teens summer jobs. Check with the Chamber of Commerce or the local Jaycees. Ask at your school if the guidance counselor knows of any teen summer job employment fairs.

Go to the managers of the places you mentioned: grocery stores and restaurants, and see if they will let you apply.

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You get minimum wage for the first month(7.25) then next month they add .50. U start at 5 and work till 2.

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I just need a summer job(June to early august

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Around here; everyone of a certain age is looking for handyman help during the nice weather. Painting, weeding, limning trees w. a hand saw, washing windows, hosing down screens, washing and vacuuming cars,etc….Do you live in a neighborhood where you can slip flyers under people’s doors and walk or bike?

Is it always 115 degrees? Would you be willing to do indoor cleaning? All the chores that people leave -washing baseboards; cleaning the insides of closets and cupboards. I am personalizing this – however, I have a teen-ager who comes every Sat. for two hours during the summer. However, he can drive and is willing to do anything.


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I have no idea where you live but the answers so far look good. Check and see if you can get a work permit at 15. NE you can for so many hours a week. If no jobs are out there see about volunteering. It may lead to something later on.

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Yeah I live in a very small town and I could ride my bike to the other side of town in no time and its deffinately not115 all the time during the summer that only in the corn fields. Its usually about upper 80— upper 90s. I need about $500 by august 1.

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Edit: limbing trees

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When I was 15 I did a lot of babysitting and what they call “picking rocks” and “pulling beans” in the fields outside of town. Because of the freeze/thaw cycle, in certain areas, rocks are pushed up to the surface of fields every year. So every few years farmers will hire kids to walk up and down fields and pick up any rocks bigger than your fist, and put them on a trailer pulled by a tractor. Pulling beans is walking through the fields of young soy beans and pulling out any plant that isn’t a soy bean plant.

Lifeguarding or teaching swimming lessons was a common job among high schoolers.

A lot of kids these days have mad computer skills. Could you create simple website for people, or scan family photos onto disks?

Could you help people clean out their attics/basements/garages?

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@wcogal; brilliant. I learned my computer skills when I was over 60 from a high school kid. He was patient and forebearing, sat next to me and showed me over and over. You could do that at your local library.

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thanks for all the help everyone… 1 last thing…do you think mcdonalds will hire me to work for the summer

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In Wisconsin when I was 15, 1984, you could get permission signed from your parents to work a certain number of hours during certain times of the day during the week and on the weekend.

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