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Realtek audio line out doesn't work, how do I fix this?

Asked by XOIIO (18288points) October 15th, 2011

So my motherboard back looks basically identical to this, but when I have the asus sound manager shit configured to two speakers no output works, and every other setting the line out port doesn’t work. Is something physically wrong?

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do you have the correct driver and software installed?... try going to your computer’s hardware device list and uninstall your sound card. .. Control Panel…System Settings…Device Manager.

After deleting the sound card, right click on the Sound, Video and game controllers, then click on Scan for Hardware Changes, it should then re-install the sound card

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It’s all working properly, and shows the audio level changing when I play music but no audio comes out. If I set it to 6 or 8 speaker I can get the right channel or subwoofer to give audio, but the line out doesnt work.

Is there any way to jsut get rid of this audio manager, its annoying as hell.

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Do you have headphones plugged in? If I remember right there’s one little hidden checkbox that mutes speakers if headphones are plugged in.

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Trust me I know what I’m doing, but the realtek audio manager doesn’t send any signal out the line out jack. Do these but in controllers fail sometimes? Or is there a way to get rid of the manager and just keep drivers so that it will work?

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