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Who would win...?

Asked by Joker94 (8180points) October 15th, 2011

Hey Jellies! Here’s a game my friends and I are quite fond of, and I think you’ll like it too. Simply state two characters, real or fictional, who you would like to see face off against each other, say who you think would win, and let the discussion begin. If at anytime one wishes to change the topic of discussion, simply bring up a new duel to discuss. The duels can be anything from a physical confrontation, all the way to a battle of the bands.

I’ll get things started! Who would win, Peter Griffin or Homer Simpson? I’d personally give it to Peter, seeing as he’s mostly always held his own in some ridiculous fights before.

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Oh without a doubt Peter has more experience, but Homer has more dumb luck. Sure, Peter fights the damn chicken guy, but with his luck Homer’d choke on a doughnut and start a huge windfall that would end with Peter falling in a vat of nuclear waste.

My money’s on Homer.

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@Seek_Kolinahr – Mine too! Homer is invincible!

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@HungryGuy & @Seek_Kolinahr Good arguments…I could see Homer winning, actually.

Dexter from Showtime’s Dexter vs. Hannibal Lecter.

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Going with Hannibal, there ain’t no school like the old school, and he’s the f**king head master.

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I don’t even want to think about it! I love them both!

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Gotta agree with Hannibal.

Yojimbo or Zatoichi? Yeah, they were in a movie together, but there was no resolution to a fight between them.

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Zatoichi. Just because he’s my favourite. Though, Yojimbo is the Japanese Clint Eastwood. So gah! Who knows?

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Zatoichi is the bees knees and so is Yojimbo.^^

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I’d like to see Jeffrey Dahmer fight Hannibal. ;)

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Dahmer couldn’t even take general population without getting a broomstick rammed up his arse. Hannibal would have had the man filleting his own flanks.

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Exactly why I want to see it.

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Okay… so the classic… Super Man or Mighty Mouse?

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Super Man. That’s super easy!

In a detective’s battle, Batman or Sherlock Holmes?

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And by extension…

Watson or Robin?

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@Seek_Kolinahr Good one…I’d have to say Robin, and that’s just going with my gut.

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Homer would win against Peter. Ain’t nobody ever seen the snake bashing day episode? Homer’s a fuckin Kung Fu master.

And even if he wasn’t.

Hands down for Zatoichi, too. I’d love to see him go up against Ogami. IT’S AWESOME BECAUSE YOU CAN’T SEE WHAT THE HELL WENT ON.

I throw on the table, Michael Myers VS Jason Voorhees.

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(The actors who originally played Zatoichi and Ogami are brothers, btw)

Zatoichi is more playful than either Yojimbo or Ogami, and I like to think that would make a difference. Yojimbo and Ogami are both effective due to their strength. Ogami is stronger, and I suspect he would take Yojimbo.

Peter Griffin vs Homer Simpson? Easy. Homer is the last man standing. He once fought Mike Tyson parody Drederick Tatum.

Michael Myers vs Jason? They would temporarily kill each other, before being permanently dispatched by Freddy Krugar.

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I think Dexter could take out Lecter.

Lecter’s focus is on his innocent victims and the police; and AFAIK, not other serial killers, whereas Dexter’s focus is on other serial killers. Therefore, Dexter would probably know about Lecter, whereas Lecter probably wouldn’t know about Dexter. To prevent this paragraph from wandering into prolixity, I’ll just say that Dexter would have a very well planned element of surprise for Lecter.

How about Ymir the Frost Giant vs. Surtur, the Fire Giant?

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@Brian1946 I am not familiar with those two competitors, and will abstain from making a judgement.
As for Michael Myers and Jason, I think I’d give it too Myers. I feel like he’d prove victorious in the end, but it would be one hell of a fight.

Ash Williams of Evil Dead vs. Tallahassee from Zombieland.

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@Joker94 (The actors who originally played Zatoichi and Ogami are brothers, btw)

Really? Cool, never knew that.

And I totally forgot the episode where homer fights Tyson. Homer’s been in a lot of fights, and has sustained ridiculous amounts of crazy damage to his person…he would surely win indeed. :)

I must disagree about Freddy Kruger though. He can only harm someone in their dreams. It’s happened in Jason VS Freddy, and of course, they should no real victor, although Jason pretty much came outta that one…but Michael Myers is evil itself. You can’t get into his dreams like you could with Jason’s past, because what Michael has become does not dream. He would win. That is, if Freddy showed up, if he didn’t, like @Joker94 says…it would be one hell of a fight, seeing as one is undead and the other can’t die lol.

I’d have to go for Ash. No man who went through what he did in Army of Darkness can stand up to him. Drinking boiling water…cutting off his possessed hand is always a classic, but the boiling water is an unspoken hero.

Thing is, both those guys would wreck total havoc if they teamed up.

Ymir VS Surtur. No idea, Imma let my answer hang there.

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@Symbeline…it would be one hell ofa fight, seeing as one is undead and the other can’t die” I lol’d at that, I won’t lie.

I’d have to go with Ash as well, but Tallahassee wouldn’t go down without a fight.

How about…Bobba Fett versus Batman?

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I’d have to go with Fett over Batman, just sayin’.^
He may be from a long long time ago, but his technology is far far beyond Batmans.

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@everephebe Really? I think Batman would be able to outsmart him..

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What and throw a sarlacc pit-batarang at him?

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@everephebe That, sir, was one hell of a comeback.

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[bows] Why, thank you! Cheers.

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Chuck Norris v Chuck Norris

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@rebbel I mean..Chuck Norris doesn’t lose, he’d allow you the other Chuck to win…but there’s no way one Chuck Norris would just be handed victory instead of taking it…Head Explodes.

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