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Do you have goals?

Asked by boxer3 (4150points) October 15th, 2011

Do you have goals?
What are you aspiring to do,or be?

They can be short term or long term.

If you prefer to not set goals, do you feel
content or as though you lack ambition?

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Yes and right now it is to go to bed.
Otherwise, not really. I’ve achieved the important ones already. I mean they aren’t earth shattering but they were things that was important.
Now the only goals I have is to try to age in good health.
And to be a better person than I was yesterday.
But right now it is past my bed time and sleeping late interferes with the good health goal. So good night.

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Some may believe it, some not, but I’m trying to stop drinking. Not doing very good so far. I need some Rocky music or something. Been reading up on side effects of alcohol withdrawal and it’s freaking me out.

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My goals consist of what I’m doing at that moment. Anything else is just tempting fate.

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Lots of short, medium and long term goals and they are both personal and work related.

I really find they help me get things done at work. In my personal life, they keep me trying new things and accomplishing things in my personal life.

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I want to be the Female version of Jack Sparrow!
I want to be a CEO of a Multinational Corporation (THEY ARE DIFFERENT!)
I want want to go to Cannes just once and be all kinds of glamorous!
I want to horseback ride through the Scottish Highlands and then recuperate in a Castle (with an awesome spa, because we all know that trip is going to be painful).
I want to have great sex on a beach where no one can find us with my best friend/ when I find him.
I want to find him! :D
There Goals!

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I had a friend once long ago who had talked a lot about having many goals. I think he played soccer.

But anyway,,.I’ve never been the too-convicting type. Goals are like pools, you never know when they’re going to get full…filled. Yep,

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My goal is raising both my daughters to the best of my ability so they able to be healthy active and productive young adults. I have a pretty long road given they are only 2 and 3 yrs old, but well worth it all.

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@creative1 – A long road is worth the wait for the love of a good family. May you be blessed with grace…unlike I know. Be Good, 1.

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I don’t set goals because I so rarely find anything that I both care enough about and am also physically/mentally and financially capable of achieving.

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My goals for the next 12 months are as follows:

Find a new, less soul-crushing, job.
Complete my TESOL course, and apply for a more advanced course.
Advance my second language skills.

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Some of my nearly defunct, upcoming goals in random order of procrastination are as follows:

1. To become more Fluthery…for the already Fluthered.
2. Wryte a compilation book of 101 very short flash fiction stories (hopefully that’ll be enough) that intertwines a specific character with ADD that interrupts the flow of every other character in their own respective tales.
3. To stop seeking my true love…of procastinating.
4. To permanantly forget how old I am because I just turned 40. Its already been working for days of the week with me.
5. Finally telling myself that raking Autumn’s beauty up off the ground outside has been such pain in the ass. Actually, I like raking leaves – It’s good therapy really, No, really.
6. To continue any one of my crapzillion screenplay ideas before I forget why I must exist just to persist.

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Yes, I have goals, but they’re a far, far cry from the sort of goals I had as a young man.

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My goal is to please a 90 year old woman. I want to see respect and satisfaction, understanding, compassion, love for me reflecting back at me for a life lived as authentically as I know how when I see my face on the mirror in those later decades of life.

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I wish to make life that the best it can be for my autistic son. Who is now twenty one and others like him. I wish to make the world aware of their potential and how much they can contribute. If they get the help and encouragement they need. In adult programs and school.
I want the world to know that incompetent teachers and Psychologist are why they do not make progress. Now that my son has graduated from an ABA school. I have not forgotten how difficult the District tried to make our life’s.
My goal will always be to make sure everyone knows Teachers and Psychologist who are not trained in ABA are worthless to autistic children. They should be forced to learned ABA or fired.
My ultimate goal is to expose those who abuse autistic people. All the Politicians and so called Professional who think this abuse is OK should be exposed to.
My goal is to help autistic people.

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@philosopher I really didn’t know those kinds of conditions existed for the autistic. I’m sorry to hear that. It really bums me out to hear that. I knew a boy who I thought was like that when I was a lot younger, but wasn’t sure.

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Thank you.
I feel as if, it is the job of those of us who know to inform others.
People like Chris Christie and others like him would end all funding for programs or; for training for teachers and anyone who helps.
Parents like me will never allow this.
I try not to focus on the anger but sometimes they make me want to end their careers. If people know the facts I think they will agree with me. Unless they are fooled by Political rhetoric.

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[NSFW] My two most immediate goals are to write some sequels to a couple of my more popular stories. Also, to add some new activities to my erotic online Edge Play Club game.

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@CWOTUS , do you play a sport?
@Pandora that’s actually a great goal….that many people avoid, and as far as sleeping goes, I knocked out after I typed the question haha.

@Symbeline, hey one day at a time…at least you’re thinking about it if it’s become a huge problem- or could become one..

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@creative1, that’s one lovely goal.
@downtide, a goal could be as simple as getting through a day without letting negative thoughts drag you down, or getting 3 things done off of a to do list…

@Soupy it’s unreal how much soul sucking jobs affect our daily lives outside of work >< I hope you get outta there soon, and you’ll feel accomplished upon completeing the last two goals you listed.

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@smilingheart1, ah wonderful.
@philosopher , that’s inspirational- talking about it here is a great place to spread knowledge and inform.. good for you.

@HungryGuy, soundslike you’ll be busy

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My current goals are launching three children into adulthood, hopefully well adjusted.

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@boxer3 – Not really. I get too distracted by such distractions as Mirror’s Egde and Dead Island and Portal and Runescape…

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Thank you. I truly believe that all intelligent reasonable people would agree if they understood.

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A sport? Why, no, @boxer3, I can’t even imagine why you asked.

I used to run a youth rec soccer league and coach two teams. Was it obvious?

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My short term goal is to get through this semester in good shape (tough kids, tough courses). I’m also working on some writing, and plan to have something finished by mid-November.
My mid range goal is to get through the next semester, again in good shape, and get accepted to some schools I’m applying to. All the while, I also want more than half of my possessions culled. My goal, also, is to see dry ink on my divorce papers.
By next summer, my goal is to find myself be driving a rented truck to a new destination, new goals, new journeys—and make the most positive and enriching life for my 2 kids.

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I’d like to go to Ontario Canada, for college, after I graduate next year.
I’d like to publish a book, with a picture I took as the cover.
I’d like the get somewhere with my band.
I want to eventually get married, and have some babies. (Not any time soon)
I would absolutely love to locate my cat, since he’s been missing for a month… but I know that’s unlikely. :/

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I’m going to marry Jim Sturgess.
That’s my goal… ;)

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