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What is the strangest interview question you have ever been asked?

Asked by itsjustcruel (387points) October 16th, 2011

My friend went for an interview and they asked her if she got shrunk and stuck in the bath like spiders usualy do, how would she go about escaping?

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“Have you ever hidden drugs in your anus?” is a contender.

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I haven’t been for a job interview in years, so I can’t remember any that I’ve been asked. However my partner who was recently job-huntin, was asked which comedian, alive or dead, would he most like to see or have seen on stage? He answered Kenny Everett, and then had to explain why. To be fair though, it’s was with an entertainment company and one of the things they do is stand up comedy events. And yes, he got the job.

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I would question the premise of the entire question. Spiders don’t get shrunk and stuck in the bath; they’re the same size that they ever were. I might then ask the interviewer if he was on drugs right now, or if he only did them in the shower.

Oh, wait… you’re asking “have I ever been asked”. I guess one of the strangest questions was when I interviewed (from Michigan, via a long-distance video hookup) with a small company in California, and I was asked if I’d be willing to relocate. As if I didn’t know that that’s where the job was. Maybe I should have asked if they were on drugs.

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I was once asked what form of birth control I used.

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How would I go about escaping? I would say I needed the restroom badly and once out of the interview room I would run like crazy.

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Asked if I observed an illegal activity at work, would I look the other way, tell a supervisor, or join in the illegal activity.

My answer….......since I am applying for a police officer’s position, I would make a citizens arrest.

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You’re on the cover of Time magazine… what are you wearing?

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@KateTheGreat Jesus H Christ. Wow lol.

I was never asked anything weird, but once I was asked a fairly normal question; what are your hobbies. I mentioned horror, books and movies. Then I was asked what I like about horror. I was thinking that the ice was getting thin. A lot of people look down on horror, and whether or not this person did, I decided to play it safe. I needed a job and didn’t want to freak people out. I told the truth about how I like horror writing style in books, and how it’s a good way to escape once in a while. (prolly shouldn’t have said that)
I made sure to mention Stephen King, because he’s really popular and mainstream, so their impression of me might be seen in a better light.
Then I was asked what my favourite King book was. I thought that was a bit odd. Are they still interviewing me, or is this casual conversation?! O_o The hell they need to know this for?

I didn’t get the job after mentioning Misery.

Not entirely sure if all this had much to do with me not getting the job, but you never know.

Also I have several favourite King books. Misery is one of them, but I can’t just name one. Wasn’t gonna get into all that though. I’m shy and nervous, especially at interviews, and am very short spoken.

Sorry. I’m a lot like King. Whatever the discussion at hand, I always revert back to horror, just like how Stephen King says he’s writing a book that isn’t horror but, ultimately, it always is.

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while interviewing for a police job, I was asked what I would do if my brother was in jail and I was told to watch him, I answered “then I would be my brothers keeper”

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Do you really want this position?

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