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What piece of workout equipment or weight loss program did you purchase from a TV infomercial?

Asked by njnyjobs (7592points) October 16th, 2011

It may include the numerous exercise videos.

Did you ever really use it?

If you had gotten rid of it, did you sell it, gave it away or just trash it?

Would you buy again based on an infomercial?

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None. Never. Zip. It all just seems ridiculous to me. That guy with the ponytail cracks me up.

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The 30 Socond Ab Lounger. Note the misspelling is not mine, it was on the box. My brother bought it for me such a nice guy and it came with a workout cd. I tried it twice. I sold it in a yard sale for 1.00. That was one dollar too much.

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Power90 workout – well I didn’t purchase it, we found it online for free through shady means. I did use it, it almost killed me but it works.

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Free work outs are the best. How do you think man trained before these weight machines were invented? Diversity, immersion in the outdoors, and training in groups is the best form.

Example: Parkour. Look it up.
Example: Barefoot running
Example: Men in history would purposefully hinder themselves with weight on their bodies to strengthen their muscle mass.

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Never, I want to see and feel things generally.

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What, no one bought a shake weight?

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